Saturday, February 28, 2009

I get new tops, the Bald Man gets a shirt!

Below is Burda 8116. A super easy tank top with a wrap topper. The pants are from BWOF.
This was such an easy pattern!!! I made the below tank and topper in an hour... seriously!
Ofcourse I must say having a cover stitch machine greatly speeds up sewing knits.
In fact the day after I made these... I made 2 more tanks, another topper.... and the below view from the same pattern... a simple mock wrap top. The jeans were made last year from a pattern I copied from rtw.
Anyways for those of you looking for a quick project... gotta get this pattern!

Below here is NL 6429. It was easy too.... I actually made this last fall and never got to wear it... I wore it last night to Latino night at the Fairbanks.... good times! I wouldn't mind making another dress like this in some less 'fancy' fabric.

Another shirt for my Bald Man... this was his B-day present... made once again using that wonderful Islander pattern. I embroidered a cross on the pocket...

Some crosses on the sleeve...

And a bible verse on the back shoulder.....
'If God so clothes the grass of the field, shall he not much more clothe you?' ~Matthew 6:30

I still need to put up a pic of the sweater I crocheted!!!
I have been working on a lace crocheted bolero... its a slow process!!!!
I also made another new shirt yesterday.. need pic of that!
And been working on other peoples stuff...
gotta make back that money I spent in Asheville fabric stores!!! lol!!

A Little Trip

Last Tuesday we took alittle trip to Hendersonville and Asheville, NC.
We stayed at the b&b where we got married, The Claddagh Inn, pictured below... ate the excellent restaurant we ate at our wedding night, Flight. It was very nice!
AND.... went fabric shopping!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew Asheville had such rockin' fabric stores!! Real fabric stores!!! 3 of them!
Yep, I could live in Asheville....
A very good trip. I'll post about the fabric stores and my huge splurge
another time....

Friday, February 20, 2009

New pants, costume and a sweater!

Busy times lately!! And I've made a promise to spend less time on the Internet to myself! So I took myself off facebook, myspace and many other time wasting venues I had going...
Ofcourse I love to blog, its like my journal , so no cutting back or stopping it.

Recent projects...
From BWOF 7/03 I made this pair of pants and a navy pair. The bustier is from Burda, made for New Years. The jacket was from a Mc Calls pattern and I cropped it. The pants had a waist band that I left off. They fit much better without it. By the way I'm dressed I guess you can tell we were going out on the town!

I have several other things I've made lately that I will probably wear this weekend... along with the Bald Man's new shirt I made this week! On the crochet front...
I took this picture Monday... now its done!!!! I can't believe I crocheted a whole sweater!!! And just in time because its turned off super cold here.
I'll be wearing it this weekend too...
Look at lil' pac... he was holding back so hard from jumping on my sweater..
Last Friday night we went out and saw my friend Caryn dance at Mirage. A beautiful dancer, she
looks radiant every time I see her. Below is a costume I guess you would call a joint effort...
I constructed the base and she embellished it with all the lovely ab crystals... we did good!
I love this costume... simple and elegant, it doesn't compete with Caryn, only complements her.
Many times bellydancers make the mistake of wearing a costume that is... "too much"
so it ends up looking like the costume is wearing the dancer instead of the other way around...

I'm working on another costume for Caryn... its gonna be a hot one! I can't wait for it to be done!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nancy's new Costume

Nancy finally made it over here to try on and pick up her costume. Its hard to believe this used to be a prom dress!!! She happily posed for some pics for my blog!! I am very happy with the way it turned out! And so is she... which is what really matters...

I made everything but the belt and veil... which she already owned.

Ofcourse its easy to make a bellydance costume look good when I'm putting it on a body like hers!!!
You go Nancy!

I wish I could be disciplined enough to workout like Nancy...
but thats not gonna happen is it ;)
Not likely!lol!

Yummy Eats!

The Bald Man and I have been expanding our cooking skills....

We have been cooking such amazing stuff lately we've not even been out to eat in well over a month... and we've not missed it!!!!

Caesar Tortellini Salad with Sauteed mushrooms...

Easy... not expensive.. but soooo good! Very easily can be a whole meal...

This pic to the right looks like a mess but it was one of the most wonderful dishes I have ever ate!!!! And I've eat at some amazing places..

If you like seafood... its a must... 4 layers of seafood... light white fish, bay scallops, shrimp and crab cooked in an amazing, super rich sauce...

Its called Seafood Melange.
I made it this week for Bald Man's B day.
He was over joyed with it!

And Sicilian Cheese cake

a wonderful crust less cheesecake made with 2 lbs of ricotta... bliss... pure bliss....

You can find versions of all these recipes on All Recipes
A great site for trying new things with plenty of reviews!

They even have a feature where you can type in an ingredient and it will bring up all recipes with that ingredient..... so cool!

On the sewing and crochet front... I have a new outfit I will be wearing this weekend! I am crocheting a whole sweater! finishing up the tutu for a client and starting a belly dance costume for another client and good friend.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sewing, working and crocheting!!!

I LOVE this pattern! I made the vest, shirt and the shorts (much to cold to show those!)
I had no problems with this really... FBA on the top and the vest.
I used the corset like closures instead of buttons.. I normally do not like
baggy loose fitting tops but this is really flattering with the vest!

Here's the top with out the vest... still cute... but not as cute! I did make a mistake and use a interfacing that was to heavy for the collar... I should have use a lite fusible instead of med.

I want more and more of the vests!!! and will defiantly make another shirt in a darker fabric.

What I'm being paid to sew..... a Madonna costume tutu!!! Making tutu's is fun... I hope the lady having me make this will send me a pic of the entire outfit when her and her buddies go out!

In the Crochet world.....
From March Crochet! magazine....
Took about a week to crochet... I love open work tops like this... always have! Now I can make my own!
I have to say this about crocheting... I prayed God would give me something to help calm my restlessness... sometimes I just get soooo restless I can't stand it!
This has helped 'cure' that in me so much.
So to me crocheting isn't just something I thought was cool and wanted to learn its really been a blessing and an answer to a prayer... I never expected Him to answer my prayer with this!
God is amazing!

Also in crochet I learned to do hairpin lace crochet!!!!
It goes super fast! You do it on this little loom you see below

This was my first try... took about 30 minutes to figure it out..
in another 40 I had enough for a pretty long cute fringy looking scarf!

Its hard to find patterns for this type of crochet....
I think a top would be beautiful with this technique!
And quick!
I have alot on my plate this week in the sewing room.. but probably no projects for me... we'll see.. I have to finish the tutu... start on another costume for someone (who wants things done yesterday! R u reading this Caryn!! lol!)
And its my Bald Man's B-day tues!!!!! so I need to try and make him something asap! Which he will most defiantly not get on his b-day! But hopefully close...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weekend Sewing/Crochet with my niece!

I have been so busy with my crochet and sewing projects lately! But last weekend my niece came over for the weekend and instead of staying on the Internet or texting like she does most of the time we did some projects together.

Using OOP McCall 5489 we made a skirt... instead of making the matchy match jacket we just distressed out a brand new Gap jacket mom got from a yard sale last year ($1!) and she crocheted a small draw string bag!

Here's the jacket... it was a heavy jacket.. she thought it was to heavy. We took off the bottom band which made it alot lighter! Then she run a seam ripper in between the double top stitched seams. I put it in the washer, with water and white towel, added about a cup of bleach.. let it set for 5 minutes.... she loves the jacket! I liked it to... I'll be going to goodwill for jean jackets to destroy...

Here's the skirt. She's only made quilts and pj pants... I think... so making a skirt was different for her. She did great! Just look how it turned out! Even added the rick rac on the bottom perfectly straight!

Here's the little bag she crocheted... pretty good for a beginner! Much better than my first attempt to make something from crochet!

I just had to add this pic... look at this big raccoon in our back yard!!!!
I mean... we live in a populated area.. I didn't think I would see one of these guys around here...
He was pissed when I came outside to take his picture! lol!
I have got a few projects of my own done and will take pics and post very soon!!!! Sewing and crochet!