Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sewing, working and crocheting!!!

I LOVE this pattern! I made the vest, shirt and the shorts (much to cold to show those!)
I had no problems with this really... FBA on the top and the vest.
I used the corset like closures instead of buttons.. I normally do not like
baggy loose fitting tops but this is really flattering with the vest!

Here's the top with out the vest... still cute... but not as cute! I did make a mistake and use a interfacing that was to heavy for the collar... I should have use a lite fusible instead of med.

I want more and more of the vests!!! and will defiantly make another shirt in a darker fabric.

What I'm being paid to sew..... a Madonna costume tutu!!! Making tutu's is fun... I hope the lady having me make this will send me a pic of the entire outfit when her and her buddies go out!

In the Crochet world.....
From March Crochet! magazine....
Took about a week to crochet... I love open work tops like this... always have! Now I can make my own!
I have to say this about crocheting... I prayed God would give me something to help calm my restlessness... sometimes I just get soooo restless I can't stand it!
This has helped 'cure' that in me so much.
So to me crocheting isn't just something I thought was cool and wanted to learn its really been a blessing and an answer to a prayer... I never expected Him to answer my prayer with this!
God is amazing!

Also in crochet I learned to do hairpin lace crochet!!!!
It goes super fast! You do it on this little loom you see below

This was my first try... took about 30 minutes to figure it out..
in another 40 I had enough for a pretty long cute fringy looking scarf!

Its hard to find patterns for this type of crochet....
I think a top would be beautiful with this technique!
And quick!
I have alot on my plate this week in the sewing room.. but probably no projects for me... we'll see.. I have to finish the tutu... start on another costume for someone (who wants things done yesterday! R u reading this Caryn!! lol!)
And its my Bald Man's B-day tues!!!!! so I need to try and make him something asap! Which he will most defiantly not get on his b-day! But hopefully close...


Meg said...

I bought that pattern for the vest ages ago, I will dust it off and have a go, it looks great.

Captain Obvious said...

There are a couple of hairpin lace patterns at My favorite is the lotus smock dress and camisole.

Faye Lewis said...

Great shirt, vest and crocheting.

Corvus said...

I am a vest fiend and must have more. Yours looks fantastic.

As for hairpin lace patterns, sells a lot of awesome ones ( ) I'm particularly a fan of these:

Throwing "hairpin" into a Ravelry search is good also.

Sheila said...

The blouse and vest came out great. Like Meg, I've have the pattern for some time now and think its time to dust if off and have a go too.

You are mind blowing with the crochet and it was meant for you, b/c you picked it up so quick.

Lory said...

Love the vest on you! :):):)

I can't crochet, my mom can, but me?.......sad, sad. lol.

You did a wonderful job with the crochet. It's another outlet for creative expression, and it helps you, then hey, go for it. :):):)


laura said...

I love the combination of the vest and shirt! And the crocheting?? Is there anything you can't do?

MsKirko said...

So cool! Love the hairpin lace!

Lisa H. said...

Wow,I love that vest.You did a great job.Your hairpin lace work is very beautiful.

Angelia said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!!!

Cennetta said...

You are sewing and crocheting like crazy. lol I like your spin on the Simplicity vest. Really cute.

disa said...