Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weekend Sewing/Crochet with my niece!

I have been so busy with my crochet and sewing projects lately! But last weekend my niece came over for the weekend and instead of staying on the Internet or texting like she does most of the time we did some projects together.

Using OOP McCall 5489 we made a skirt... instead of making the matchy match jacket we just distressed out a brand new Gap jacket mom got from a yard sale last year ($1!) and she crocheted a small draw string bag!

Here's the jacket... it was a heavy jacket.. she thought it was to heavy. We took off the bottom band which made it alot lighter! Then she run a seam ripper in between the double top stitched seams. I put it in the washer, with water and white towel, added about a cup of bleach.. let it set for 5 minutes.... she loves the jacket! I liked it to... I'll be going to goodwill for jean jackets to destroy...

Here's the skirt. She's only made quilts and pj pants... I think... so making a skirt was different for her. She did great! Just look how it turned out! Even added the rick rac on the bottom perfectly straight!

Here's the little bag she crocheted... pretty good for a beginner! Much better than my first attempt to make something from crochet!

I just had to add this pic... look at this big raccoon in our back yard!!!!
I mean... we live in a populated area.. I didn't think I would see one of these guys around here...
He was pissed when I came outside to take his picture! lol!
I have got a few projects of my own done and will take pics and post very soon!!!! Sewing and crochet!


Julia said...

Talent runs in your family. The jacket is great. The skirt is really cute. I can't believe the bag is the first thing she ever crocheted. You must be a great teacher.

Faye Lewis said...

You are doing so good with your new found hobby - congrats! Love the polka dot skirt!

laura said...

If your niece ends up taking after you, look out world!!! Watch out, raccoons are usually nocturnal and if you see one during the day that usually means it's sick, either distemper or rabies, so keep your distance!

Sheila said...

I'm sure you two had a lovely time sewing and crocheting and it makes for total fun. To top it off, she has two new garments and a bag to go.