Saturday, March 21, 2009

All dressed up... a refashion, crochet and FOOD..

The Bad news is... my favorite restaurant, The Orangery is closing next week.... the good new is we went out to eat there and had a Fabulous Night!!!!!

The Orangery is an amazing french restaurant that has been in business like 30 years here in K-town. I'm very sad to see it go. It is pricey... but worth every penny! I mean... Lobster Crepes... mmmmm.... yes! worth every penny.. and every calorie! Now the Bald Man will have to figure out how to make them!
For the occasion I whipped up this lace dress. The Orangery is a pretty fancy place so I knew I could get away with a floor length dress.
I didn't use a pattern... just my dress form. I made the shrug last year.

Crocheting.... finally finished this up last week! The pattern is from last months Crochet! Magazine . Very easy to make topper!

Fashion remake!
I really wish I had a before pic of the boring light colored jeans and faded red sweater this out fit used to be .. because now....
I dyed the sweater burgundy, added a animal print lace trim to the V-neck using my felting machine

The light colored jeans (light colored pants are not my friend!) I dyed a dark grey, felted and appliqued some black sparkle netting onto the tops and pockets. Also hot fixed a few crystals for some added bling! lol!!

I love fashion re-makes!!!
They are soooo fun!

What something fabulous to eat....
The Bald Man cooked this up for me last Sunday!
It was even better the next day.
Click the link for the recipe!


Faye Lewis said...

You have really been sewing up a storm. I need to catch up with you! You've made some really cute pieces.

Carol said...

HOT dress! You look amazing!

laura said...

The dress is beautiful but c'mon! No pattern!!?? Like I'd ever be able to do that! And your shrimp gumbo reminds me of the time I attempted to make true New Orleans gumbo. I did it but only after it cost $150.00! I think I may have to post about that little fiasco.

Sheila said...

The dress is gorgeous and all you did was use your dress form... its great that you can drape & sew. Another cool crochet garment, good work.

Julia said...

Too bad the Orangery is closing. We only ate there a few times. I sure hope Regas, and some of the other nicer restaurants in Knox. don't close. I wonder with this economy if they can afford to stay open.
The dress is beautiful. I love that you didn't even use a pattern! Wow! incredible! The sweater and jeans are really cute too. Felting? That is something I would like to get into. I've seen the cutest felted vests, etc.... for kids.

angie.a said...

Whoa, that dress is SMOKING! Gorgeous!

Cennetta said...

Bravo, lady! So many fabulous projects and you look great in them all!

Angelia said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Lory said...

Love the lace, very pretty! And I really like the idea of refashioning things. Giving new life to old garments sounds pretty cool. Great work. :):):)


Alviana said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in that floor-lenght lace dress!