Saturday, March 14, 2009


Thanks SOOOOO much Faye, Amy, Julia, Rose, Cennetta and Lory!!!!
Thanks for thinking of me and passed this award on to me.
Sometimes I feel like I am completely alone in my sewing world here in Knoxville..
But you guys encourage me, inspire me and sometimes make me laugh!
There are so many "sewing sisters" in blogland that I appreciate!
And I am so late at posting this award I think all my blog buddies have already got this award or I would nominate them..... So thanks again... and back at cha!
God Bless you all!!!

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Lory said...

It's been cool to me to have sewing buddies from across the country. People that I may not have met otherwise.

But I understand not having someone local to sew with. There's this website called meetup that I think you should check out. You just type in your zip code and all these kinds of groups pop up about different interests. And you can sign up and meet up with the group in person and do an activity or talk, etc. It's a good way to meet people in your area.