Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lovely Chanel...I can never afford you.. but

I can knock you off sometimes! Well...
Not exactly knock you off... but close!
I love this outfit... Its really not as short as it looks in this pic but with my arm propped up on the rail.. makes it look shorter. (also makes me think I should wear some fake tan with this outfit!lol!!!!)
This 'circle' top was simple to drape just by looking at the picture. Simple to sew together by hand and the hem was done with a 2 thread hem on my serger.
The pants are from a BWOF pattern but I added the same Chanel detailing of piping around the waist and at the bottom of the wide leg pants... which makes them flare out so nicely!
Didn't get a great of a pic of the pants but I like them alot!
This was a wearable muslin...and I would like to make another one... in better colors...
This was just one of the many projects I worked on last week!
I also did a ton of 'refashion' projects! Which I need pics of.... And working on a costume for someone...
I'm so behind on my blogging... there's so much I want to show!
I need more hours in the day.... but don't we all! lol!!!
I also have a pattern prepped and ready to cut out... The Bald Man's dress slacks... I'm terrified of them!!!!!! But he needs a suit... bad! And I would hate to think what it would cost to have one custom made for him... because they don't make off the rack suits to fit my man! Since I know I can make a blazer.... I have to face the slacks!!!!!!


Faye Lewis said...

That is the cutest top, you self drafted it?

Cindy said...

You really look great in that outfit. I love looking at things and try to figure out how they make it. If you need help doing your slacks I posted a tut on how to install a fly zipper. Good luck and take your time. You did a great job on this outfit and I know you will make it through your worries.

Rose said...

Ah...Angelia Chanel!! That's a great top and pants. Of course, I know you are ready for the challenge of men's trousers and are being modest.

Kembree said...

Great knockoff! I love it!

Lory said...

How cute!!! I'd totally wear it, if I could. :)

Men's slacks...hmm....can't help you there. But I'll be rooting for you, you're going to be fine. :):):):)

By the way my friend, you have a fabulous midsection. Here I am suffering because I can't show off mine, too much junk food is making me pay the price lol.

Stay fab. :):)


Sheila said...

Awesome Knock-Off... you look Fantastic. I agree your midsection looks great.. are you still using the hoola hoop... b/c if so, I need to drag mine out and get a hoola

Cennetta said...

What a great knock off!