Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Slacks, new top, new project and babies!

Hey are the Bald Man's new slacks I made last week!!! He loves them and they fit him perfect! I was stressed for nothing!
The pattern I used is Burda 8272
The problem now is I have to start on his suit!!!! I bought an Italian linen blend on the Asheville trip for him.... yes I'm scared of the suit and stressing. I will be using this pattern for the slacks and a Kwik Sew pattern for the Blazer. All dressed up for Chatt-town clubbin'! This top is Burda 8219
In the pic on the pattern the 'peek-a-boo' hole doesn't look that big on the model... on me....
well... seeing as how I'm alot bigger than the model....
Next time I will make the version with the tie to take away for so much cleavage... sexy top though!

Here's my next draping project... its at the pinned stage I've not actually sewed anything yet..
I hand knit the copper belt for the skirt, the fabric is from Panama. I am loving mid drift baring tops for summer.

LOOK!!! My mom has babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little chicks!! And I'm so jealous! I want chickens sooooo bad!!!! The neighbors in our sub division wouldn't appreciate it though... unless I bribed them with free eggs maybe....

Couldn't resist posting this pic of MY babies. They have new bones here.. sooo cute!

I'm also working a a costume for a friend/client that is going to be SO awesome on her. I can't wait to get it done!
And I made a dress yesterday that was a hot mess... I fixed it but more on that torturous
adventure later... I just can't talk about it yet! LOL!
*********************HELP NEEDED*****************************************
I am looking for a bathing suit pattern that won't 'showcase' my hideous thighs! Its very hard to make a bathing suit that hides thighs I think... any recommendations on a pattern out there????


Kembree said...

Wow a suit! That's great..the chickies and your babies are adorable!!

laura said...

Great job on those pants! Years ago my mother took a tailoring class and made my dad a suit. It was a perfect fit (My dad's 5'2") and he wore it for years. Good Luck with your Bald Man's blazer and your draping project looks beautiful. And I don't know any of any bathing suit that will cover thighs!!!

Julia said...

Amazing slacks for your DH. I made a suit for mine, years ago, and do not plan to do that again. It wasn't so bad,but I just have other things I'd rathe do. I just wanted to see if I could,m and I could so I'm satisfied. I would like to try a draping project but I don't have a dress form. I need to get one or make one, or somethi.ng

Cennetta said...

Nice job of the pocket! Your Hubby must be beaming with joy over the new pants and the prospect of a new suit. You are a great seamstress/designer and will do just fine.

Carol said...

Great job on the Bald Man's pants. I've been using a men's Kwik Sew pants pattern with great results. Why it is easier to get a TNT pattern for guys? My biggest men's fitting drama is HUGE chest and shoulders and tiny waist, so he's not getting a suit until I get the shirt pattern sorted. I love your peekaboo top. If you're comfortable, keep it as it is. I say flaunt your assets while you can. My legs are my best bit and I'll keep showing them until I hear the words 'mutton' and 'lamb' in the same sentence. As for swimsuits, you could always do what we Australian girls do - wear boardshorts over the top of your bikini, slung low on hips you get still get to flash your belly.

Becky said...

Wow, that Panamanian fabric is spectacular! And the chickies are so cute! Good luck with the suit.

Lory said...

Wow, those are nice trousers. I have not even thought about menswear.....it's scary. lol

Baby chicks, how cute!!! I hadn't seen those in a while, and your puppies are adorable.

Hmmm, as for the swimsuit..I don't know. You can wear a regular swimsuit and a sheer coverup to wear around and then take off when you go in the water. I've seen some sheer tops and I've also seen a sheer skirt that you wrap around and it covers.


Rose said...

You did an impressive job on those pants. With your sewing ability, the suit probably will fly together. Love the Panama fabric! Yes, you look good in the peek-a-boo top-do wear it while you can!! Your babies are adorable. Take a look at the Curaco Swimsuit on Burda Style. That one might work for you.

Sheila said...

Great Slacks and also impressed by your next sewing project a Suit. Lovely fabric that you are using for your draping project.

You can always wear a sheer hip wrap with your bathing suit.

My hoop has been gathering dust... just maybe I will pull it out to ummm lets see.. oh yeah clean it...haha