Saturday, May 16, 2009

The "Panama Dress"!

Here is my "Panama Dress" from fabric I bought in... yes Panama! Its actually a skirt and top
but it does look like a dress. No pattern, all draped. The skirt is made up of 4 separate long triangle panels that are that are rounded at the bottom. There's ALOT of movement in the skirt.
The top is a fitted band around the waist and the top bust part is only attached in the back and at the sides so the bust part makes a pretty drape and I could get the waist part super tight and fitted.
I hand knit the belt out of some beautiful copper yarn I got up in Philly and attached it to the skirt.
The purse is some fabric I got at the sewing expo last year and is covered in tiny black poodles.
It draws up at the top and through a little black crocheted doily I made that I covered in crystals. The pattern for the purse is called Circle Purse and I can't remember the designer!!!
Someone asked me where I bought this dress when I wore it out last Tues. and yes I beamed when I said "I designed and made it"!!!
Isn't it the best when that happens!!! Here's a pic of the Brides Maid dress I made last month from a vogue pattern that I can't remember... imagine that!
Its turned out well and I'm so glad she sent me a pic.

The BIG project is still in the works.... but getting closer and closer!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally some pics!

Here are some pics of projects I completed ... hmmmmm.... a little while ago!
First... Bald Man's Italian Tweed Linen Blazer... which was supposed to be a whole suit but I didn't have enough fabric for the pants.... he's still pouting about it too!
Its not that it was hard... but very time consuming.... for some reason it looks like theres a spot on this pic.... I admit I prayed while making this collar.... oh! and the pockets... ok the whole thing!
I am very happy with the way it turned out all except the sleeve vents... I'll get'em done better next time! lol!!!!! if there is a next time!
My Bald Man ofcourse is super happy with it! and loves it!!!

The following bags were made from New Look 6574 which I have used countless times for bags!
Here's my thrift store suede patch skirt... now a cute handbag! Embellished with part of an old chain belt and some buttons taken off an old blazer.

The inside has a zipper pocket and two open pockets, lined with this left over poly/wool blend I used for a vest last winter.

This was my Mom's Mothers Day present! Remember I showed ya'll my marble cotton and Mickey fabric!!! Well it became my mom's new knitting bag!

I wanted the bag to open completely up so I changed the pattern and added this button closure.

A large Velcro padded pocket inside to hold patterns. and a smaller pocket on the out side of that.
Three other pockets.
I made this to go with it out of the left over fabric... a knitting needle and crochet hook case
You can barely see the stitching here,, but there lots of room for knitting needles!
Now I need one for my crochet.... which has become quit slow lately because of the wonderful weather I wa
I have also completed so many tops for myself and I'm currently working on a 'big' project!!!!
Oh yeah!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Projects and my new friend!

Let me introduce you to my lovely TacSew blind stitch machine....
He makes completely invisible hems!!!!! I've even used a different color thread than what I was hemming and you can't see the tiny hem at all! Its amazing!
I've actually had this baby for about 2 months now. I used it on my skirt in the last post, Bald Mans slacks and blazer! Its crazy fast!
I admit to really wanting this machine after reading this article by the Sewing Divas..
How could you not want it after that! Plus I always hated the blind hem stitching a regular machine does....
I researched out what kind I wanted... and TacSew had the best reviews... and what do you know... the exact machine I wanted my machine dealer carried!!! YES!
Its not complicated to thread... not complicated to adjust... and if I did have any problems my machine dealer knows all about this machine.. so I would have help.
The hardest thing about it is getting used to how fast it is. Its much faster than my serger or my coverstitch... It reminds me of the super fast machines I used to run years and years ago in the sewing factory I worked at one summer.
I highly recommend this machine if your looking for a new friend to add to the sewing room!

Projects!!!! I finished alot this week! I made 4 shirts!!! Not complicated shirts... but still!

I really have a ton I've made I need to post... I'll get the Bald Man to do a 'photo shoot' soon. And I need pics of him in his blazer too!

Anyways... next projects...

WIP! This outfit is alittle wild... I made the skirt last year from a BWOF but never really liked anything I had to go with it... and didn't like any fabric I had for it...
This fabric was left over from a costume I made a client last year... I love it with the skirt!
The top is draped, no where near done and completely pinned right now!
Below here... a leather skirt is being refashioned into a simple purse...

Here.. some super cute Mickey Mouse fabric paired with a gorgeous marbled fabric.... all cut out and going to be a tote bag!

Crocheting is going pretty slow lately... not because I'm not crocheting... because the 2 projects I'm working out are spring tops and taking forever!!!