Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally some pics!

Here are some pics of projects I completed ... hmmmmm.... a little while ago!
First... Bald Man's Italian Tweed Linen Blazer... which was supposed to be a whole suit but I didn't have enough fabric for the pants.... he's still pouting about it too!
Its not that it was hard... but very time consuming.... for some reason it looks like theres a spot on this pic.... I admit I prayed while making this collar.... oh! and the pockets... ok the whole thing!
I am very happy with the way it turned out all except the sleeve vents... I'll get'em done better next time! lol!!!!! if there is a next time!
My Bald Man ofcourse is super happy with it! and loves it!!!

The following bags were made from New Look 6574 which I have used countless times for bags!
Here's my thrift store suede patch skirt... now a cute handbag! Embellished with part of an old chain belt and some buttons taken off an old blazer.

The inside has a zipper pocket and two open pockets, lined with this left over poly/wool blend I used for a vest last winter.

This was my Mom's Mothers Day present! Remember I showed ya'll my marble cotton and Mickey fabric!!! Well it became my mom's new knitting bag!

I wanted the bag to open completely up so I changed the pattern and added this button closure.

A large Velcro padded pocket inside to hold patterns. and a smaller pocket on the out side of that.
Three other pockets.
I made this to go with it out of the left over fabric... a knitting needle and crochet hook case
You can barely see the stitching here,, but there lots of room for knitting needles!
Now I need one for my crochet.... which has become quit slow lately because of the wonderful weather I wa
I have also completed so many tops for myself and I'm currently working on a 'big' project!!!!
Oh yeah!!!!


Faye Lewis said...

What a great looking jacket. It looks so RTW! Love your bags too.

Sheila said...

Totally impressed. The jacket looks great. Great way to refashion a garment, the bags are pretty.

Carol said...

The Bald Man's jacket turned out so well! I love the knitting bag and the needle holder. Very cute.

laura said...

Your Bald Man's a lucky guy, the jacket looks great. And of course I love the bags, I have beautiful embroidered shower curtain from the Good Will that's dying to become a purse of some kind.

Mary said...

I love my bag!!!! Showed everyone at the Sit & Spin last meeting at Yarn Haven.