Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whats been keeping me away?????

Oh, how I love spring!!!!! But its been such a crazy busy time with The Bald Mans new business, cooking ALL the time, putting the embroidery machine to use, sewing, crocheting and more sewing
Now the BIG project I talked about before has been done for about 2 weeks... Its all started with
a Roberto Cavalli dress I saw in WWD last fall. Inspiration!!! YES!!!! I found a similar pattern V8636, then splurged on Pfaffs Magnificent Floral embroidery CD.
I made the dress (fitting nightmare in the bust!!!) then embroidered all the applique flower petals, leaves, vines and buds on organza....
Put them all together on the side skirt of the dress.... and then hand beaded the empire waistline... also later I went back and hand beaded the trim all the way around the very plunged neckline! The ends of the sash have hand beaded fringe with tiny crosses.

I also sparingly scattered swarovski 2mm amethyst crystals to the flower.
I just love it... its better than I had imagined in my head.... I've yet to wear it! But I can't wait!!!
It was a challenge... time consuming and worth it!

Here's the purse... To cute!! and all it can carry is a lipstick and a credit card!! lol!!

Here's one of the many tops I've made this spring... its my favorite though! Its a Anna Sui Vogue pattern. I made a full bust adjustment..

Used a chiffon fabric and instead of a pre made ribbon for the trim I made this trim out of some silk snow leopard print fabric.

I can't resist showing y'all my garden.... its out of control, I've run out of room and I've taken over the deck with my plants too!

Here's lettuce, peppers, basil, kale, french sorrel and citronella

More citronella, lemon verbena, bay plant and more seedlings coming!

My giant Zucchini plant!

My garden is growing SOOOOO well with all the rain God has sent us this spring...

I even pet sit for my sons friend one day last week... This is Max... isn't he ADORABLE!

Well... off to cook dinner!
Coming up projects.... more embroidery projects I've worked on, another draped dress and top, The Bald Mans new shirt and a new crochet top finished!


Julia said...

You have been busy. I really love that dress. It would cost a fortune if made by a famous designer. Perhaps you should try to get some designs out there some way or other.

Faye Lewis said...

Everything you've made is sooo beautiful, including your garden.

Gail said...

OMG that appliqued dress is perfect.

Linda said...

Your dress is beautiful. Really great job with the appliques

corvustristis said...

What a gorgeous dress!

Rose said...

That dress is just plain awesome and the purse is really cute! I love the top you made! I'm glad the rain helped someone's garden! We had so much rain that half of ours drowned.

Kembree said...

I LOVE that dress! You could totally sell those to a boutique! And the puppy is adorable! ;)

Alicia said...

Gorgeous dress! I'd love to see a bit more on how your made it, if you're up to sharing. It's utterly fantastic, great job!

Becky said...

Oooh, that dress is pretty! And the puppy is just adorable.

laura said...

That was quite an endeavor! You did a great job and I would love to see you model it. Shame on me I don't even have a flower basket or anything on my deck! But my mother's garden looks a lot like yours.

Sheila said...

Wowser!!!!! The dress is absolutely Gorgeous!!!!

Sista-friend you have really done it.. can't say enough about the dress...

Ok... now that I've stop drooling over the dress - your garden looks good.

I had to run into Sears this weekend and started oooing and ahhing over a embroidery machine... but behaved myself.