Saturday, July 11, 2009

No,sewing... but LOOK!!!!

Why, why would I do this??? Get a puppy??? When I already complain about no time!
But I've been looking for a doberman puppy for a while now... my son has wanted a "big" dog for a while.... The Bald Man was indifferent at first and now he's CRAZY about this dog! (he missed having a "mans dog!" I guess my 4lb baby 2-pac didn't quite fit that bill) ............and here she is.... meet
Dixieland Sugar Delight... we couldn't decide between Dixie and Sugar... so thats her AKC name.. but we call her Dixie.... my son thought Sugar (my choice) was to 'sweet' to name a doberman! All the way to VA and back Monday to pick her up! Its hard to find a good doberman breeder... I mean really hard! Especially since I didn't want a breeder who did conformation.
And I had really specific needs for this puppy... I wanted a girl because of the male dominance 'issues' dobes sometimes have with other males (not good for Pac!) , I wanted her young! so she could grow up with 2-pac and not want to eat him.... had to be a Doberman! nothing else would do.... And she had to be AKC so I can participate in Obedience and maybe agility AKC trails with her.
She's 8 weeks old! and a darling handful!!! I had dobes a while back (back longer than I care to share with you!!!) and they were so fun! Very protective and loving... Even though they were big babies everyone was so scared of them! Which is really a plus, when "salesmen "come to the door, when I'm out walking the dogs alone... I mean NO ONE is scared of a toy poodle... even though he's really the mean one!

2-pac was not happy about her at first but he's learning that she's fun to play with since she has ALMOST as much energy as him.

Just adorable....

Its a long road with a new pup... training, house breaking, lots of play, more training and more training! Add ear crop drama on to that... whew!

But its SO worth it!
I'm off to make a new dog bed and puppy toys....... they just LOVE toys made of fleece and stuffed with plastic bags!


Lory said...

Awww, she's cute! I was so scared of this breed as a kid, but this puppy looks cuddly and friendly. It makes me want to hug her. :):):)

I've never had a big dog, maybe someday. If I could have a big dog I'd have either a golden retriever, or a Samoyed dog (because it looks like a bear with it's fluffy coat). Or either an Alaskan Malamute or a Siberian Husky because they look like wolves, I love that.

Except I don't know if any of those breeds like cats, there's no way I'm parting with my Claudia lol.

Have fun with your new puppy,


Rose said...

Dixie is adorable. Obviously, she found a good home. It sounds like you are finding time that you didn't think you had! Enjoy her!

Sheila said...

Down right adorable... With 3 pets already... I couldn't add another one, too much

laura said...

Too stinking cute! My parents are on their third doberman and what a sweetie she is! She loves Hans but she's afraid of me so I always refer to myself as her wicked step sister. You're going to have so much fun with Dixie!

Kembree said...

ADORABLE!! I rarely see them much big dogs!! :)

BeeBee said...

Dixie is sooo cute! Our dobe is now almost 10 and starting to act her age, but she stayed a puppy until just a few months ago. She looked so much like Dixie, sooo sweet and such a handful. We left Kacy's ears natural - I love how expressive the are.