Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Days are....

Happy days are.... wearing a new flowy summer top... Here is my B5357!! Very easy to make and I love it! I need to make more of these before summer is over...And happiness is an evening summer dress. Here is V8489 made from more of my Panama fabric. Easy to make. BUT, its no where near done... the embellishments of swavorski jet black 20ss crystals, vintage black buttons and more will be added at an asymmetrical angel following the pattern of the print.

Happy days are not complete without my dog friends!

Look at my sweetheart Dixie... Here she is last week after her ears were done. I was shocked that she came home all hyper and excited! I thought she would be tired and sleepy from the surgery... but not Dixie! Hyper as ever and ready for a walk!

I won't be able to hold her like a baby for long...

Below is a pic of her on Wed. when they took them down.. with Pacster.
They went back up today though....

Happy days are gathering ALL these veggies from my little back yard garden!

Even The Bald Man's little corn patch is starting to give us corn! They're small... but So good!

I'm feeling very thankful.... God has blessed us so much!
Next time.... the maxi dress I made today!!! and a mini wardrobe I'm thinking about!
Y'all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Look New Top.... on the list

I made this yesterday morning. Its NL6179 very easy to make! I whipped this up in about an hour. The view for this sleeve length shows an elastic edge which I left off.... puffy sleeves do nothing for a 35 year old with chubby arms!
I added some white lace to the slit. The fabric is a wonderful lite weight stretch woven, with a distressed look... little rips all over! I bought it at Gail K's last year. It has a draw string around the neck line. I used some yarn and added some beads to the ends.

Up and coming projects....

This pattern, B5357, is similar to the NL pattern above, but it is a more sexy 'off the shoulder' look! I making the view with the panel in the center front.... I know in this pic it looks like these fabrics don't match but they do! I promise!

And actually this top is almost done!

Another dress from Panama fabric!! with V8489.... all cut out and ready to sew! I will be adding some twists to this...

And my fall purse.... The Ruffled tote by Hotpatterns... I got this pattern when it was free on their web site to download! The main fabric will be the black corduroy and the lining the blue corduroy.
I really hate making purses... but I want the purses!!!!

One last look at Dixie with her puppy ears.... tomorrow is the day, of the beginning, of the really hard part of raising a doberman puppy.... the ear crop!!!!!!!!!!
She is almost house trained... she already knows to sit when told and when her food or water is brought out, she walks on a lesh very well..... create training????? yeah, there's alot of work there still!!!! and now the crop! whew!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy B-day to my son! These are busy days!

My son, Brian turned 15 Monday! He loves his music (and he's quite talented at it!) so I bought him a new Gibson guitar, The Bald Man bought him a banjo and his Dad brought him this really cool drum back from Africa! My mom cooked up his favorite foods and I made him a chocolate chip cheesecake... yup, I think he had a good one! Now for some sewing... which I really have been doing alot of lately... just been lazy with the posting!

Below is an OOP Vogue #2540. It was very easy to make (made this in a day!!)and I plan to make the other view soon.

The bolero is copied from rtw. The necklace is a knitted rope with swavorski stones covering it... and I'm not sure I like it with the outfit.

The fabric is a stretch black knit jersey with silver glitter throughout that I bought at Hobby Lobby last year on clearance ($2 a yd) The contrast fabric at the bottom of the skirt is another treasure from our trip last year to Panama.

This skirt has SO much movement! Love that!

This is NL 6606 the shrug is copied from rtw. This was easy to make and I also made one of the other views took about 2 days for both.

The fabric is a light weight thin cotton I got at Walmart last year. Not the best stuff but it works.

I dressed it up a bit with a nice beaded trim around the neck line and on the front side seams.

What do you do when your husband still gets you roses for no reason....

Thank God for him!!!!! These were just what I needed the other day...

I haven't bought any fabric in a very long time.... this fabric was given to me by my moms long time friend, Gloria. There were lots of odds and ends in the bag but these were some extra great pieces!

This daisy chiffon print is so cute... I haven't a clue what I'm going to do with it! But I really like it.

Below is a very soft tan wool blend... and a great grey pin strip. Both will make great dress pants for fall/winter.

To the left here is a really great blue pin strip.
Now there's enough of this to make a whole mini wardrob!
Skirt, pants, jacket and vest!!!
It was very thoughtful of her to think of me and pass this great fabric along to me!!

I've also made some much needed dog beds! Here's Pacster on his Titans fleece bed!