Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend in ATL

A couple of weekends ago we took a little much needed get away to ATL for a night out and a Falcons game.
I am so mad that I was holding my purse in front of the applique on my LBD (long black dress)!!! I finally get to wear it out for a night on the town! We had to much fun... this is the night before the game on Sunday. You'll remember in previous posts this applique took 4ever!!! for me to finish!
I felt very "pretty" in this dress. I didn't carry the super tiny matching purse but wish I did now... it wouldn't have been in the way! I LOVE going to NFL games!! (not into college fb though!) Normally I'm a Titans fan... but learning to love the Falcons since I already love ATL.... and I love the GA Dome! What a great place to see a game and not worry about ALL the rain we get!

Enter the FALCONS!!!!!!! The crowd was pretty fun (not like NHL games in ATL)... Titans fans are a bit more "lively" though!! lol!

It was SO MUCH FUN to be there ... I did get a kick out of the crowd booing the GA Tech band..... AND the guy that sat beside me booed the weather man! He also spilled beer, waved his Falcons flag and hit people in front of him... AND kept doing the 'dirty bird'!!! What a dork!! He was funny, but would have been more funny if he had been about 3 rows up from me and not right BY me!!

The View from our seats was awesome (thanks ebay!!!) and they were club level!!!!!

We stayed at the Omni hotel right by the dome!! We actually walked to the game it was so close... Here's the view from our room... ATL is pretty at night...

The Omni is attached to the CNN center... a pic from the glass elevator....

Another great reason to stay at the Omni... we wanted to bring our dogs! Hey, they needed a holiday too!!!

my babies had alot of fun walking all over the city. Pacster is such a city dog! He loves traveling!

Ok.... whens the next game???? lol!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New top & lots of projects!


Please forgive the blurriness of the photo below... My Bald Man is still having issues with the new camera...
This is Burda 7644 ... another great top!!!! I made view c with the extra straps.... nice touch and again very easy... whipped this up in no time at'all! Fabric: the main navy is a jersey from walmart and the contrast fabric is from Panama.

FINALLY! I'm getting around to this top! Which is the fabric for my mini fall wardrobe!!

I'll be making the view on the left and will be using 3 or 4 different laces that I am making on my embroidery machine with Pfaffs Endless Vintage Lace... its LOVELY! The ideal for the top came from Spring issue of Sew Stylish (I love that Mag!!!)

I am in the process of making a outfit like this Chanel look. I have the skirt and the jacket made... my fabric looks SO much like the original (go walmart! lol!!!!)

Speaking of inspiration....

Darling Dixie..... whos growing SO fast... yet not fast enough! I'm ready for her to be grown and calm down!! But really, she's SO smart... I may have already blogged this but I'm going to brag a bit more about my baby who's already create trained, house trained, sits, stays, down, even shakes hands and gives high five! lol!!! 4 months old now...leash training,, she does walk very well on it... for me and only if NO One else is around!! Her ears are standing beautifully...

My doberman tank.... inspired by Dixie! (Bald Man got the camera right this time!!)

Once again... walmart fabric... a nice ribbed knit. I dis stressed the front a bit. Stenciled a dobe outline.... stamped purple roses (my favorite rose color) and added some tiny crystals.... oh and stenciled 'I Bite' lol!!

I'm having fun, alot of fun with what I make lately!
AND, I finished another Panama fabric dress and I can't wait to wear it... "Bald Man take me to Dinner!!!"

Monday, September 7, 2009

What I've made is what I'm wearing...

I always read about ladies who make all these clothes then don't wear them... thats sad! I think I get alot of wear out of things I make... really everyday I have on something I've made... alot of days everything I have on I made.. including jewelry and handbag!

*Please excuse some of my pics are blurry... we have a new camera and Bald Man isn't used to how fast it snaps a pic and I don't notice its blurred until I load it! *

Here I am, Sunday,...On my way to church in a new dress!.... this is NL6774 I'm in love with this maxi dress. Its SO comfortable! This pattern was super easy to make... seems like alot of stuff I've been making has been easy... I need to step it up a bit. Summer sewing is always easier to me. I do need to get ready to start my fall wardrobe though...
Anyways! The top is a lite weight knit I got from Miami... the bottom is a colorful heavy stretch lace I got from the ATL sewing expo last year. Its lined with a stretch knit nude fabric I bought at jo anns.
Wed.....On my way to see our favorite local musician here in Knoxville (besides my son ofcourse!) J. Luke! He's just awesome... you know I can't remember if I ever posted this "throw back" shirt I made last fall. Its made from a very vintage pattern that was originally a catsuit. The fabric is a vintage piece my mom picked up at a yard sale... fabulous! Its just so fun to wear!

Below.... Going out to our favorite dance spot in Knoxville, Purada, on Saturday night.

This is V1027 I got the fabric in Miami at Rex's. This was also super easy to make... and honestly.... I think I look like a cow in this dress but the Bald Man thought I looked super hot... who am I to disagree with my husband???? lol! and he's usually brutally honest about things like that. It does move beautifully when we dance though.

And everyday in between I wore my yoga wardrobe... jeans I made, t-shirts I altered.... yeah... I get alot of wear outta what I sew....

This makes a good case to show Bald Man because I think we need to take a trip and buy some new fabric....