Friday, September 11, 2009

New top & lots of projects!


Please forgive the blurriness of the photo below... My Bald Man is still having issues with the new camera...
This is Burda 7644 ... another great top!!!! I made view c with the extra straps.... nice touch and again very easy... whipped this up in no time at'all! Fabric: the main navy is a jersey from walmart and the contrast fabric is from Panama.

FINALLY! I'm getting around to this top! Which is the fabric for my mini fall wardrobe!!

I'll be making the view on the left and will be using 3 or 4 different laces that I am making on my embroidery machine with Pfaffs Endless Vintage Lace... its LOVELY! The ideal for the top came from Spring issue of Sew Stylish (I love that Mag!!!)

I am in the process of making a outfit like this Chanel look. I have the skirt and the jacket made... my fabric looks SO much like the original (go walmart! lol!!!!)

Speaking of inspiration....

Darling Dixie..... whos growing SO fast... yet not fast enough! I'm ready for her to be grown and calm down!! But really, she's SO smart... I may have already blogged this but I'm going to brag a bit more about my baby who's already create trained, house trained, sits, stays, down, even shakes hands and gives high five! lol!!! 4 months old now...leash training,, she does walk very well on it... for me and only if NO One else is around!! Her ears are standing beautifully...

My doberman tank.... inspired by Dixie! (Bald Man got the camera right this time!!)

Once again... walmart fabric... a nice ribbed knit. I dis stressed the front a bit. Stenciled a dobe outline.... stamped purple roses (my favorite rose color) and added some tiny crystals.... oh and stenciled 'I Bite' lol!!

I'm having fun, alot of fun with what I make lately!
AND, I finished another Panama fabric dress and I can't wait to wear it... "Bald Man take me to Dinner!!!"


Sheila said...

WoW! you have been busy and eveything looks great. Awww your pooch is growing up quickly and an aewsome t-shirt.

Linda said...

Like the tank top with the stenciling. I am loving the lace you are embroiderying. I need to check out that design. Burda top is very nice. You are sooooooo busy!

Carol said...

I love your tank top! Where I live people have market stalls and make a good living selling garments like this. Except they aren't as well made. I absolutely love the purple roses. Maybe you could use that as your signature and sneak one in one all your garments?

laura said...

How did that cute little puppy grow so fast?! What a sweetie. I love the stenciled top, very original.