Friday, October 23, 2009

Finished Crochet Projects!!!

Long time no blog!!!! I know! I've been working on projects like a crazy person though! Just not been taking the time to photograph them like a good blogger should! I have completed 5 pieces of my 11 piece fall/winter wardrobe, completed a couple of dresses with jewelry, finished my Chanel knockoff (coming soon to this blog!) and finished some crochet projects...

I don't know what this shawl was called,,, its made from a mohair yarn (that was extra thin and very challenging to me!) I have been working on this since March.... now complete! I love it! That lacey effect of crochet just does it for me... I think its so beautiful!
Here is one of the summer crochet tops I finished. Its from a Crochet interweave magazine... made completely in the round.... yeah... summer tops completed in fall!! haha!!

And I have learned to crochet doilies!!!! I'm so excited about them!!! and will defiantly picture them soon... also I have been crocheting up a storm making these round dish clothes.. using a cotton yarn and many different colors. I think they are so fun to crochet and it only takes me about 45 min to do one... they'll make great Christmas presents too!

Okay... that was a quick update. I'm trying to get my new phone to mobile blog! I know that would help my blogging mojo! lol!!


julia said...

Gorgeous, as usual!

Linda said...

Wow, you have been busy crocheting. I love the black shawl!

Mary said...

Guess you want yarn for Christmas!!! You are doing such a great job!! I love your dollies - too