Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Faye's month of tops sew-a-long

V8534 Making View C.. in lace and black knit. Never made this one before but it looks super simple.

S3634 Making the long sleeve view here...multi color stretch knit and I want to make it in a plain purple knit too. I've made this top countless times! I love it! Def one of my TNT patterns.

M5709 I loved making this top! I think it will be a nice dressy 'out to dinner top' in this dark pink and black knit with sparkles!

Faye over at Faye's sewing adventures (her site is listed on my blog roll) has a month of tops sew along going on! Inspired by her speed sewing of tops last November! I'm know I will not be able to make as many as she did but its sure put my butt in gear to sew up some much needed tops for the colder months to come. So far here are 3 of my future tops... Being cut out right now!! I love simple comfy knits tops for winter... Plus this should make a dent in my stash! (which is important because we're going to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and New Years... you know what that means.. Gail K's!!!)

I have 6 tops in all picked out to make this month plus 3 long simple full skirts to go with them... I'm in much need of long skirts also! More on that later! All of them are simple, most I've made before... so hopefully I can get it done.. atlest the tops!

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julia said...

Great fabric and pattern choices, as usual!

Faye Lewis said...

Now I'm inspired by your. I was too tired cut last night so I've got to cut tonight. You go girl!

Faye Lewis said...

The month of tops blog is ready to go!

NGLaLALa said...

Great choices! Can't wait to see the final pieces. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

hershy222 said...

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