Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Must make Another Costume

I'm so sorry to all those who check my blog...I have not had time for much internet time. I have been sewing and crocheting my little fingers to the bone! Not to mention ALL the baking I've been doing... I have a trip to post about, a major crochet project finished and many other small ones. Of course this time of year I can't post alot of the stuff I've made because there are presents.. So they have to be after Christmas posts!                           AND I started bellydancing at the Cairo cafe again one or two nights a month... On top of being booked to bellydance at holiday parties... Whew! Well here is a much needed costume... That I plan to have complete in a couple of days.. I really need it for a party this weekend!.. The fabric is amazingly glittery and needs no crystals or sequins... Just something for movement.... Back to work. I hope all of you out there are farther along with your Christmas stuff than me!

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Rose said...

It sounds like you have been busy! The costume is looking good. We'll see the finished product, right? I'm getting there with the Christmas prep. Man, there is a lot to do and lots of fun socializing that keeps me from it!

Rose said...

It is the crazy holiday time of the year. That is a really lovely costume that you have pictured. At some point, I would love to know how you handle the beading and sequins--are you doing it by hand or are you using some sort of appliques? You are achieving a lovely result.

Rose in SV

julia said...

Wow you are busy! I can't wait to see the costume complete.

Cheryl said...

Glad to hear you are bellydancing again! It seems to me that it's really hard to get away from it! I'm busier now than ever with bellydance. I check your blog and you are making some beautiful things. Merry Christmas!


Sheila said...

Holidays tend to set us in a frenzy motion with cooking, shopping and crafting. Looking foward to your FOs.

Happy Holiday.