Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Slacks, new top, new project and babies!

Hey are the Bald Man's new slacks I made last week!!! He loves them and they fit him perfect! I was stressed for nothing!
The pattern I used is Burda 8272
The problem now is I have to start on his suit!!!! I bought an Italian linen blend on the Asheville trip for him.... yes I'm scared of the suit and stressing. I will be using this pattern for the slacks and a Kwik Sew pattern for the Blazer. All dressed up for Chatt-town clubbin'! This top is Burda 8219
In the pic on the pattern the 'peek-a-boo' hole doesn't look that big on the model... on me....
well... seeing as how I'm alot bigger than the model....
Next time I will make the version with the tie to take away for so much cleavage... sexy top though!

Here's my next draping project... its at the pinned stage I've not actually sewed anything yet..
I hand knit the copper belt for the skirt, the fabric is from Panama. I am loving mid drift baring tops for summer.

LOOK!!! My mom has babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little chicks!! And I'm so jealous! I want chickens sooooo bad!!!! The neighbors in our sub division wouldn't appreciate it though... unless I bribed them with free eggs maybe....

Couldn't resist posting this pic of MY babies. They have new bones here.. sooo cute!

I'm also working a a costume for a friend/client that is going to be SO awesome on her. I can't wait to get it done!
And I made a dress yesterday that was a hot mess... I fixed it but more on that torturous
adventure later... I just can't talk about it yet! LOL!
*********************HELP NEEDED*****************************************
I am looking for a bathing suit pattern that won't 'showcase' my hideous thighs! Its very hard to make a bathing suit that hides thighs I think... any recommendations on a pattern out there????

Saturday, March 21, 2009

All dressed up... a refashion, crochet and FOOD..

The Bad news is... my favorite restaurant, The Orangery is closing next week.... the good new is we went out to eat there and had a Fabulous Night!!!!!

The Orangery is an amazing french restaurant that has been in business like 30 years here in K-town. I'm very sad to see it go. It is pricey... but worth every penny! I mean... Lobster Crepes... mmmmm.... yes! worth every penny.. and every calorie! Now the Bald Man will have to figure out how to make them!
For the occasion I whipped up this lace dress. The Orangery is a pretty fancy place so I knew I could get away with a floor length dress.
I didn't use a pattern... just my dress form. I made the shrug last year.

Crocheting.... finally finished this up last week! The pattern is from last months Crochet! Magazine . Very easy to make topper!

Fashion remake!
I really wish I had a before pic of the boring light colored jeans and faded red sweater this out fit used to be .. because now....
I dyed the sweater burgundy, added a animal print lace trim to the V-neck using my felting machine

The light colored jeans (light colored pants are not my friend!) I dyed a dark grey, felted and appliqued some black sparkle netting onto the tops and pockets. Also hot fixed a few crystals for some added bling! lol!!

I love fashion re-makes!!!
They are soooo fun!

What something fabulous to eat....
The Bald Man cooked this up for me last Sunday!
It was even better the next day.
Click the link for the recipe!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lovely Chanel...I can never afford you.. but

I can knock you off sometimes! Well...
Not exactly knock you off... but close!
I love this outfit... Its really not as short as it looks in this pic but with my arm propped up on the rail.. makes it look shorter. (also makes me think I should wear some fake tan with this outfit!lol!!!!)
This 'circle' top was simple to drape just by looking at the picture. Simple to sew together by hand and the hem was done with a 2 thread hem on my serger.
The pants are from a BWOF pattern but I added the same Chanel detailing of piping around the waist and at the bottom of the wide leg pants... which makes them flare out so nicely!
Didn't get a great of a pic of the pants but I like them alot!
This was a wearable muslin...and I would like to make another one... in better colors...
This was just one of the many projects I worked on last week!
I also did a ton of 'refashion' projects! Which I need pics of.... And working on a costume for someone...
I'm so behind on my blogging... there's so much I want to show!
I need more hours in the day.... but don't we all! lol!!!
I also have a pattern prepped and ready to cut out... The Bald Man's dress slacks... I'm terrified of them!!!!!! But he needs a suit... bad! And I would hate to think what it would cost to have one custom made for him... because they don't make off the rack suits to fit my man! Since I know I can make a blazer.... I have to face the slacks!!!!!!


Thanks SOOOOO much Faye, Amy, Julia, Rose, Cennetta and Lory!!!!
Thanks for thinking of me and passed this award on to me.
Sometimes I feel like I am completely alone in my sewing world here in Knoxville..
But you guys encourage me, inspire me and sometimes make me laugh!
There are so many "sewing sisters" in blogland that I appreciate!
And I am so late at posting this award I think all my blog buddies have already got this award or I would nominate them..... So thanks again... and back at cha!
God Bless you all!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My First Crochet Sweater!!!

Here's the sweater I finished up a couple of weeks ago. ... which only took me about two weeks to make! No bad, right?
I really enjoyed making this sweater. I love having something to do when my Bald Man is watching a boring action/cop movie. I'm thinking next fall I would like to make one in black, trimmed in a variegated red!! Other news... Me and my new sewing buddy Caryn got together last week and I helped her make a beautiful twist top... need to tell her to send me a pic when she wears it!
And I've been in a "refashion" kind of mood....
post on that soon! I have 3 new outfits to show y'all!
Oh,, and a new yoga outfit... trying to get off my lazy butt and back into yoga with a new outfit!!!
lol! stay tuned to see how that works!