Friday, April 24, 2009

A spring/summer outfit! Finally!!!

Yes! I finally got to wear one of my spring/summer outfits!!!! I have had this finished for 2 weeks now but it kept turning off to cool in the evening to wear it.

This is how it was made:
I used no pattern.
The top is a very simple chiffon top I draped but I did use french seams! Thank goodness there were few seams lol!

The skirt was draped also.Its a lightweight slightly crinkled cotton. I added the sheer cut outs down the left side for some detail to an otherwise pretty boring skirt. I got the ideal from a Threads magazine.
The skirt has an elastic waist band put on with the serger, turned under and blindstitched so you can't tell the elastic is there at all. The front of the top shows alittle of the stomach... but I wanted the back to show alot! Kinda like... its a little sexy without being out there sexy!!!
From the left shoulder there are 3 long bias strips of chiffon hanging.

I wore this dancing last Saturday and it moved beautifully! I seriously have like $8 dollars in this whole outfit. The fabrics were clearances at Jo anns last year, bought when they had the 50% off all clearance fabrics! Love it when that happens!
My crochet socks are done!... My Bald Mans blazer is done (pics soon!!!!!!!!)
My panama fabric draping project... also done!!!!
All the work for other people I had to do (costume, dress, prom accessories) ALL DONE!
This week is all about my garden, 'me' sewing.... and trying to figure out what to make my mom for mothers day!
I worked planning my garden and in my garden all day today... then I baked an apple pie and cut out 2 shirts.
I'm super excited about my garden this year!!!!!! I have 3 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes I'm going to try and some gourmet purple and orange peppers!!!!
My mint garden has came back strong from last years planting! Even my chocolate mint herb!!! Which I was worried wouldn't.
My lavender is beautiful this year too! I love lavender, lemon verbena and lemon balm! Such wonderful smells....
Sorry to go on about my garden .. I can't help it!!! Its makes me happy....
If only I had some chickens like my mom does now.... maybe if I just had 3 chickens... the neighbors wouldn't notice!!! Ya think???????
I would also like some goats... maybe 2 or 4.... I'm pretty sure the neighbors would notice them though!lol!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What I'm working on!!!!

The Bald Man's blazer is being worked on this week!
I did the darts and front sides and I finished the pockets today. Below is a pick of the bottom welt pocket with flap. There are two of these on the bottom of the jacket. And here is the breast pocket....

They were not as hard to make as I thought they would be... I mean I can make a welt pocket and have a few times... but anytime I have to make one or any version of one I freak out... put it off... finally make it...
and think... 'hmmmm, that wasn't really hard'
Every time!!!! lol!!!!
I am taking my own sweet time with this blazer though. If I hurry with a project like this I know it will stress me out!
In crochet land I finished the most beautiful shell top that I've yet to wear!
And I'm crocheting a pair of socks!!!!!

I finished this one this morning!!! Now for the other one! Isn't it cute?

And an one going project that will likely take all year... a "Scrap-ghan" made from left overs!

Our friend the back yard raccoon has a friend and we think they have babies.... Even though
Raccoons are nocturnal apparently in urban areas they do come out and look for food during the day... especially when they have babies.
I used to have a pet raccoon so I enjoy seeing them in the back yard... I just hope my cat is smart enough to keep her distance!

I finished the braidsmaid dress I was working on for a client!!! I forgot to take a pic today before she picked it up... but I hope she sends me one from the wedding! It turned out very pretty!
And I'm working on a long sash and big bow for prom dress... small project but every little bit I earn helps keep me in fabric and yarn!!!
Wow.... I really want to make myself another dress or pair of yoga pants.... but I'll have to wait....
on with the blazer....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead...
~1 Peter 1:3
Praise and Thanks to God for our savior Jesus Christ!
I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My new fav Dress and the winner is!!!!

This is my new favorite dress... Vogue 1020... made from more fabulous fabric I got down in Panama! I shorten the dress quite a bit for a throw back mini look.

The gathers at the side are so flattering!
No problems with this pattern at all!
I made this dress and 2 tops from this pattern (one lace long sleeve and one knit short sleeve) all in one day.
I want many more of these dresses! I need more of these dresses or I will wear this one out!

I crocheted the little scarf... its hairpin lace crochet. Worked up in about
45min. to an hour

And the little leg warmers!!! I crocheted them up quick a couple of months ago.

I need some in black too...

I really have been sewing alot... just not posting alot! I guess because alot of the things I've been sewing for myself have been basics.
I've been crocheting ALOT too.... the things I just finished a shell top and I'm now working on an afghan and a pair of socks
AND working on a bridesmaid dress for a client.
*Suit Update*
The blazer is all cut out, interfaced and marked but it has to wait until the bridesmaid dress is done.
***************GIVE AWAY WINNER******************************
Linda at Danvillegirl.blogspot in VA has won the drawing for the Easy Fashion BWOF magazine!
Email me your mailing address Linda!!!!
Next give away will be a Japanese sewing magazine I think....

Friday, April 3, 2009


I have never done a give away... and after 289 posts I think its about time I do...
I have tons of books, mags and patterns... maybe this is a nice way to start clearing out stuff I'm not going to use.... and a way to say thanks to my sewing buddies out there in blogland.
You guys are great!! And I really love getting comments from you guys. Thanks!!!
Up for giveaway:
This Easy Fashion magazine by Burda was published last year and I have never used it Its all in German... but comes with full size patterns like the regular BWOF.
So if you're familiar with BWOF you wouldn't have any trouble making something from this magazine.

So if you would like this magazine please leave a comment saying you would like to go into the drawing for it.
I'll announce a winner next week and mail it out to you!!!!
*hugs* to ALL my sewing sisters out there!
Happy Sewing!

Just alittle hoop action

videoI think I'm getting better!

hmmmm... I've got enough bruises from the hoop I should be better!

I still can't hoop on my chest for long... and there's a good reason for that! lol!!!