Friday, October 30, 2009

Pictures for Caryn

My lovely friend Caryn is in Turkey for part of her vacation (lets take a moment to hate on her a bit) haha just kidding! Anyways she is a costume obsessed diva and asked to see a picture of my latest ... Which is no where near done! I still have to do the bead work around the stones, add all the fringe and a  few more things.... Love this tri colored fringe! And you can't tell in the pics but the swarovskis on this on this are truly bright and sparkle like the sun! Just sooooo much more work to be done!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Trying this mobile thing

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Is this thing on?

YES!!!! It worked! I can mobile blog!! I feel pretty "trendy" right now!!! lol!! Anyways! This is a doily I'm working on... isn't it cute? I love doilies....

Finished Crochet Projects!!!

Long time no blog!!!! I know! I've been working on projects like a crazy person though! Just not been taking the time to photograph them like a good blogger should! I have completed 5 pieces of my 11 piece fall/winter wardrobe, completed a couple of dresses with jewelry, finished my Chanel knockoff (coming soon to this blog!) and finished some crochet projects...

I don't know what this shawl was called,,, its made from a mohair yarn (that was extra thin and very challenging to me!) I have been working on this since March.... now complete! I love it! That lacey effect of crochet just does it for me... I think its so beautiful!
Here is one of the summer crochet tops I finished. Its from a Crochet interweave magazine... made completely in the round.... yeah... summer tops completed in fall!! haha!!

And I have learned to crochet doilies!!!! I'm so excited about them!!! and will defiantly picture them soon... also I have been crocheting up a storm making these round dish clothes.. using a cotton yarn and many different colors. I think they are so fun to crochet and it only takes me about 45 min to do one... they'll make great Christmas presents too!

Okay... that was a quick update. I'm trying to get my new phone to mobile blog! I know that would help my blogging mojo! lol!!