Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Enjoying one of my favorite presents from Bald Man.. a bolt action .22! Since I've not shot a gun in YEARS this is a perfect gun to start with! Great present!!!
Well, we have been really busy this holiday season... not busy cooking, going to parties, shopping, visiting like most people.. but busy packing... having people lined up to work on our land and the double wide... finding people who can build pole barns, chicken coops, rabbit cages... looking for rabbit breeding stock, visiting the lady I want to buy my dairy goats from, researching the best meat chickens... best layers.... reading, reading, reading all about dairy goats and planning our huge garden!!!!! Patiently awaiting seed catalogs in the mail... drawing out garden plots on the property... drawing out plans for the major kitchen remodel (I gotta have a good kitchen!) and so on and so on!!!

Christmas Eve we kinda took a break from all that and went to my moms for lunch and to open presents... One of my other favorite presents this year was this quilt mom gave me... isn't it soooo pretty!!! Looks like stained glass windows! Yet another fav present was made by my dad... a wooden goat feeder... I'll add a pic of that in my next Christmas post... cause I gotta make two this year! Here's an afghan I crocheted for mom... she liked it so much I even got to take her pic with it... taking pictures of mom is risky business... if you take pictures of her without her permission she won't get you anything for Christmas next year... or birthdays either! Seriously!!!

My son, Brian, sitting by the cable 'yule log' we all laugh at! haha!!

I always try to make Brian something every year... and that can be a challenge with him being a hateful teenager that only likes guitars and his truck. But I made him this T-shirt quilt from a collection of T-shirts his dad bought him from his 'worldly' travels. And he seemed to really love it!
He better... it took so long to make!!! Its looks simple... and it was... just very time consuming!

After we opened presents Christmas eve, we stopped by my Grandmothers then headed out to our farm to be for TARGET PRACTICE! I really liked shooting my little 22! I'm ready for something bigger though.... and a crossbow would be nice...
I think someday I may have as many guns as I do sewing machines!

More later on the stuff I made Bald Man... he was very happy this year!!!

God Bless!! and Praise Him for our Savior! "the reason for the season!!!!"

We have been greatly blessed this year and this Christmas!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

ITS OURS!!!!!!!! and other goodies....

The Bald Man and me... out on the town doing a little celebrating! Nights out in Knoxville will be fewer and farther between... and I'll tell you why in a second... First.... I've been crocheting my little hands to the bone.. but with most of the things I've been crocheting are gifts I can't show till after Christmas... But heres a couple of doilies I've done for myself in between presents...
A pineapple doily... I love doilies, they look so elegant and old fashion...

I've been sewing some... again just gifts that can't be shown yet....
But in the kitchen today I roasted a big 'Cinderella' pie pumpkin and made this Pumpkin Chutney... turned out yummy!!! I used a recipe found on Putting up with the Turnbills blog.. you can find their site on the side bar of links I have.

And Pumpkin pie!!! I love real homemade pumpkin pie!!!! And I have so much pumpkin puree leftover I can foresee pumpkin breads, muffins and cookies,, maybe a soup in the next week!

NOW!!! For the BIG NEWS!!! ITS OURS! The land we've been after for months ....
Which will be home to our huge gardens, chickens, goats, ducks... etc!

Its 25 acres in McMinn county (where I'm originally from) this land has everything we were looking for... a creek, woods and pasture... and lots of "extras"...some hills and some flat... there is a double wide on the property now that after we fix it up we will live in until we sell our Knoxville house, then build our little farm house!!

The creek has 2 springs feeding it... heres one of them... just coming right out of the hillside...

The creek is year around which makes it perfect for building ponds that will grow lots of yummy catfish, bluegill and bass!

Future pasture for some of the animals we will have! And a future site for a barn and chicken coop

It has a very nice workshop with electric.... perfect for my workout equipment until we can build a house

This whole area will be a vegetable garden...

Blueberry bushes, gooseberries, blackberries.... plenty of room...

The creek runs through a natural gorge which will make building a very large pond easier.

Its really has everything we were looking for!!! The doublewide is a bonus! and will be great temporary living space until we sell the knox house... which we know in this economy could be awhile... meanwhile... we'll be having barns and fencing built! There's even room for a little fruit orchard! Can't wait to set that up!
We looked at over 30 properties... some raw land that we would have had to spend money on running electric and doing septic systems, digging wells, making driveways.. money that can be used for building up the farm... not with this property... all done...
we also looked at lots of property that had 80 and 100 year old homes that would have had to be gutted! Which would have put us in a bind because remodeling costs a ton and we maybe would have never got the house "right" like so many I've known with fixer uppers....
But like I said... its everything we needed... everything we were looking for. We were so blessed to find the right one that would meet all our needs for building our future farm.
And for a price that was lower than we ever dreamed we would get land for... esp land with so many extras... so so so blessed!!!!
My Bald Man is doing a blog about our "journey" check it out... he's such a funny guy!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This post is long and exactly what the title says... its alittle bit of everything I've had going on the last few weeks...
First... my well loved Pfaff Embroidery machine has been getting a workout! $1, $3 and $6 dollar thrift store finds are getting new life!
One of my favorite designs is this skull from Urban Boho... added to these two $1 dollar t shirts!
I'm really starting to love appliques... Here is a hot pink jacket for $3.. I added a pink camo lining in the hood and a design on the front from the same cd..
And the skull again! This one is a reverse applique though...

JEANS!!! How I love them!!!! and I have to say finding thrift store jeans that fit my new size is alot easy than the old size!
The first pair I used design CD Glamour Rocks... ripped the old label and added my little RD...

I also added alot of AB crystals... I guess they are my dress jeans.. haha!

The second pair ... riped the old label again... used the Urban Boho cd again....

You can't see in the pic well but on the lower leg applique theres a little peek a boo skull on one of the flowers...

This top I had forever.. was plain and simple... I added studs, and stenciled the crown and butterflies... AB crystals again....

I also had this plain little jacket for awhile... I added a stretch light blue lining in the hood and a reverse applique from the same fabric on the front... still simple... but no longer boring...

$1 thrift find... from Classic Romance cd by Pfaff.

New boring jean jacket for $1... I'll take it...
and make it fashionable! Useing Glamour Rocks CD again.... I added a few rips and snags.. for the cool worn look, ya know! hahaha!!

Ofcourse AB again.... Love this jacket now!

On the canning front.... the last few weeks I've put up Cumin Pickled Squash, Cran-apple relish, Cran apple Blueberry relish, Pear-cran Chutney and Apple Chutney. All DELICIOUS!

Besides making my Bald Man clothes from time to time I LOVE to cook for him... almost everyday... (one night a week we do try to get out!!!)

Sample meal for the Bald Man: Roasted Butternut Squash soup (homemade, my recipe) sweet potato biscuits (recipe from Mountain Country Cooking) and Spaghetti Squash (from our garden!) with chicken sausage and other veggies (my recipe)

We love fresh food... so the Bald Man is making me some mini hoop houses to cover my fall crops so they will hopefully last longer... so far I'm harvesting Kale and Arugula.. lettuce is almost ready! And Broccoli and cauliflower are one the way.. I hope!!!!

I Love my poodles..... they are so trainable, loving and fun! My red baby is growing fast... 7 months and up to 5lbs! Irish is so sweet! I searched along time for him... he was worth it...

My newest baby..... little chocolate girl, Baby Boo... you can't see well in this pic but she has the prettiest green-amber eyes!

You can kinda see little 2pac in the pic too... he's abit upset in the pic... he's not good at sharing....

I searched along time for a chocolate poodle too! She will be bigger than the boys, which is what I wanted since I do plan to breed her to Irish... she's a 3 generation Chocolate and he's got a very strong red back ground... yep it took awhile for me to find the right ones.... but so, so worth it.. I just can't get enough of them... the Bald man loves'em too... they are just the best dog for the house... no shedding,,, little and they travel well.. most of all they are just so highly trainable!!!
I mean... little 5 lb 2pac (3 and half now) knows over 10 cammands and tricks.. thats alot for any dog.. but esp. a tiny dog! Below is a video of Boo's first night home... she is a feisty little thing! At only 9 weeks old too!!!


Tell next time God Bless!! Enjoy life...

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Friday, October 22, 2010

More preserving FUN, alittle sewing and crochet fun...

I just LOVE the way food looks all preserved in canning jars!!!! Here are a couple of my latest... Dill Pickles and Pickled Banana Peppers...so pretty... Since last post I have now started to take over the 3 big shelf in our pantry....
Few more pretties up close.... Canned Summer Squash (great for squash casseroles!) Pickled Hot Peppers (going to be a present for someone!!) and Anise Pears

And I've dried and vacuum bagged about a bushel of apple rings, lots of sweet potatoes and bell peppers!

Anyone know what this is???? Its a Cushaw squash!! This huge squash was only $5!! And they are sooooo good!! Many meals can come out of this on squash (it weights ALOT!)... soup, pies, just roasted is really good to!
I even canned some Cushaw butter! Anything you can do with sweet potatoes or winter squash you can do with a cushaw!

Yep.... Muscadine wine in the making.... also Elderberry wine, Concord wine and an Apple wine.
It takes so long though... which is why The Bald Man and I have been continuing our TN wine country tour!!!

In the middle of my new obsession I have been using my embroidery machine on thrift finds! Like this shirt below... I did the embroidery on the front shoulder....

And on the back using Anita Goodesigns... added alot to this plain shirt... I've done others.. just haven't photographed them.

Did this little door panel for the holiday... which I got at hobby lobby last year after Halloween for $2! It was fun to decorate... and sewed up super fast using fusible fleece for the batting.

And finally finished my crochet sampler!!!! I love it!!!

I am looking forward to more sewing after all the canning is over.... I've got alot of alterations to make too... that I'm not looking forward to!
I also finished another crochet afghan!! Thats going to be a present... yep... Its time to start all my Christmas sewing!
Have a great week!!! God Bless!!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Flies....

Times does fly by these days! And I've not sewed a stitch in over a month... now I've not been lazy! I've crocheted on my cami top and my granny square afghan... still messing around in the garden, though its sadly fading... I plan to try some fall/winter crops to help keep me from getting to sad about it!and I've discovered the absolute joys of CANNING!
For years I've said I was going to learn to can... this year I did! Spiced Peaches... Tomato sauce, Pickled Banana peppers, Vanilla Pears, Brandy Pears, Pear sauce, Roasted red pepper spread, Red wine fig compote.... to name a few... I'm really on the band wagon for canning! I'm also trying to make some Muscadine wine... mmmm...
And we're looking for a farm to buy! Now thats taking alot of time! We REALLY need a farm!!!! Its a long process to find the right land... meanwhile just look at the pretty canned stuff I've made!!!! Veggies and fruits are so pretty all preserved in mason jars.... meanwhile on the health and fitness front... I've lost 20lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and toned up more than ever before! I can believe I'm in the best shape of my life at 36! A size 4 was something I never thought I'd see again!
Especially since I eat so much... I still workout... on a 4 days weights and 4 day cardio plan right now.. which I change every 4 to 6 weeks.
This is another reason I've not been sewing.... I want to be sure my weight is stable before I start cutting out things to sew! I do hope to add more muscle definition by next spring. Hee Hee,,,, my "muscle pose" below.

On a rare night out.... The Bald Man and I have been such homebodies lately....

And how could I forget.... my new red poodle baby... AKC name 'A Little Bit of Irish Luck'.... he answers to Irish or Little bit... 4 months old here... already knows what 'go to bed' means, 'go outside' and knows to sit for treats... what a cute smarty! Going to be a joy top train... I can tell!
Well, except for crate training... he knows to 'go to bed' but he does not like staying there!! Its been a great summer! Hope the fall is blessed too!!!
God bless and take care!

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