Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bald Mans Favorite Present... and tons of Crocheting

Ok... finally some pics uploaded!! So get ready... loooong post! LOL!!
Here is the jacket I made my husband for Christmas... its his favorite thing! Let me tell you a bit about it...... you see The Bald Man has lots of old t-shirts..... faded, torn, stained and he refused to throw them out!! Well,,,, I may crochet my man hobo gloves but I don't want him to dress like a hobo!!! So I promised him if he would give me his old t-shirts I would see that they lived on... maybe make a t-shirt quilt or something.... thats how I got the t's away from him.

Planning to make his "big" present this year... I really wanted to make him a trench coat... but there were no patterns big enough for my man... so I thought I'll make him another jean jacket... he loves the one from last year... only this year instead of disstressing it and using lite blue denim I'll keep it neat and use dark denim.
I used Kwik Sew's mens jean jacket pattern... the 2X is a perfect fit for him.
After cutting out all the pieces I started looking for embroidery for it.... the theme... Lacrosse... and then remembered I had all those old Navy Lacrosse t-shirts from back when he coached at a camp!!!!
I cut out the parts of the shirts I wanted to use.... stuck Steam a seam 2 to them, fused them on the jacket with the iron and used the same heavy top stitching thread to zig zag around them.

Added a few embroidery touches..... lacrosse sticks... "Coach Rico"!!

I used 2 t's he had given me and 4 different embroidery designs.

I had planned to make him sooooo much more... but this thing took 3 weeks!!!!
It was worth it and he adores it!! I'll never forget how happy he was and ALL the pics he took of it and sent to his lacrosse buddies!

Now..... My crochet projects..... I have been wearing out my crochet hooks! lol! This is the main reason I think I haven't been blogging as much... cause when I'm not cooking, sewing, cleaning... and I sit on the couch... instead of picking up my computer I usually pick up the hook and yarn!
Below.... I don't remember if I posted this project or not.....My crochet coat I made back in Oct. using chenille yarn and q hook, pattern from Big Hook Crochet.

I love the way it turned out... love the hood!!!

The buttons are vintage from one of my Great Grand Mothers ,,, Aren't they so pretty!

This yarn was all in a kit that my mother bought on sale for $10!!!!!! Valued well over $100! The kit was supposed to make a knit vest..... I made this beautiful shawls using a pattern from an old vintage 70's crochet book I won from ebay.

It really was easy to make and crocheted up fast!

My 'hobo' gloves! Made the gloves and a matching scarf one evening last month.

Currently I'm crocheting another sweater....also been crocheting doilies and place mats for the dinning room table.

And my son got his truck!!!! He's still 15 so I don't have to panic yet!
He bought it himself. And already palling ALL he wants to do to it!!!

Its just soooo weird that my son has a truck!!!! and he'll be driving..... by himself soon!!
Scary thought!
I'll be praying!!!!

In the sewing room I'm still working on the vest with the fabric below! Can't wait to finish it!

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Carol said...

I love the bald man's jacket. I've used this same pattern for DH and it's perfect. It goes together easily and with great results. I love the crocheted jacket and it's really lovely that you can use your grandmother's buttons. You've been busy!

Julia said...

What a jacket!! Also, your crocheting has gone to new levels. My gosh girl, what can you NOT do? I understand how you feel about your son having a truck. My girls are all grown, but I will never forget how it felt when they first started driving!

Faye Lewis said...

Wonderful crochet projects! That jacket is so fab. I bet all his friends want one after seeing his.

Sheila said...

BM's Jacket looks awesome. Your crocheting is fierce... keep them coming.

Elbee said...

Okay, Ilove everything in this post! Love the jacket, how you used his old tees (now there's a thought), and the crochet. Love the sweater and the shawl reminds of the rainbow fish story. You've been busy! Did you use a pattern for the gloves? I want some.

laura said...

No wonder The Bald Man keeps buying you machines! The jacket looks great, and the crocheting is fabulous. As for your son and his truck; if he actually bought it himself you can bet he's going to be very careful with it!

Little Sewing Alcove said...

Oh my, where to begin!!! I love everything on this post..As my screen was moving down, I was more and more amazed. Good Job!! That jacket for your husband is just the coolest!
I know the worry about your son. When my son turned 16 (TEN years ago!) all he did was live and breath he's a mechanic and can take a car apart and put it back together....
Keep up the awesome work!!

alethia said...

Love the baldman's jacket. The crochet jacket is awesome and the sewing machine is fabulous.

Becky said...

Wow, that's great that he was able to buy the truck on his own at 15! Pretty big accomplishment there. And the sweater is great-- I like that you were able to use some buttons that have history to them.

And I got the screenprinting tutorial here: It's a little more time-consuming since you have to basically make the screen yourself with mod podge/an embroidery hoop/old nylons, but waaaaaay cheaper than $200! (I did get the scraper tool from one of the pre-designed screens that they're selling at Joann's now, though.)

prashant said...

I love the crocheted jacket and it's really lovely

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