Friday, January 22, 2010

Lots of Stuff!!!! Finished!

Super long post.... ready??? lol!!

Self drafted bolero and Burda top 7742... simple top... made with a purple knit with metallic pinstripes (walmart)...
Which would have been fine but...

I decided the front pin stripes would look cool if I cover stitched them with some thick metallic decorative threads... it worked nicely and added something special to the top. I also chain stitched on the jacket, then sergered the edge with a metallic thread also.
To achieve these looks all you have to do is put your decorative thread in the looper on your cover stitch. On the serger it goes in the upper looper.... Sheila over at sheilazcrochetz asked me about doing a tutorial on the technique but honestly ... if I do I'm afraid I would confuse everyone lol!!! Including myself!!

So here's my source for cool serger and cover stitch stuff.... "Serger secrets" the book... easily found on ebay or . I have used many decorative techniques from the this book. The projects in it are dated but the info is awesome!

Simple and quick techniques really add alot to this top and bolero.

Here is what is on the back of the jacket... a simple dragon done with the embroidery machine (sorry the pic is blurry) I bought this design from love that source!

Onto Simplicity 3690 vest and shirt .... I have made this before but the shirt was ruined in the washer.... should have hand washed....

anyways. I love this top... made from crepe back satin my mom gave me. The vest and skirt fabric was sent to me by one of moms friends.... so I kinda got an almost free outfit!! haha!!

I should have made the Bald Man get a close up of the front side panel of the vest... its the fabric I embellished by doing 3 different decorative stitches over and over!! I decided to do the whole vest would be to 'busy' but love it on the side panels!

Instead of buttons I used my decorative stitches again! making eyelets and lacing a ribbon through them... kinda a corset effect... without the cleavage!!

Made the necklace and the earrings too... (can't see the earrings good...they're hoops)

And the embroidered boots!!! Got the ideal for these from last months Creative Machine Embroidery magazine. I wasn't sure how these would turn out since they were slouch boots but I like'em! You can't see in the pic but I also but Little black crystals in the paisley designs.

The Bald Mans new shirt! Made using an Islander sewing pattern (love those patterns!)

Nice green with black pinstripe fabric

Here is the back.... embroidery design and you can see the Babylock Sashiko machines top stitching here across the yoke

Again you can see the Sashiko machines work... so cool... looks like I hand stitched it....

and the embroidery design on the pocket

Here is a sampler I've been working on with the Sashiko machine... I'm learning this machine is pretty 'finicky' about what thread it likes and what fabric it likes.... theres defiantly a learning curve here!

Couple of little pics from last Saturday I worked at the Cairo Cafe (Mirage)

I'm in my new gold and black costume here.....

My new "fire" costume here.... it was very busy!

I need some better pics of my new costumes...

Right now I'm working on a dress and bolero... I'm wanting to use the Sashiko machine on the top bodice and make the bolero reversible.... we'll see what happens!!!!

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Little Sewing Alcove said...


Faye Lewis said...

What a lot of work, and nice too. One thing about it, you have the machines to get those jobs done. Really like your little vest.

Rose said...

Lots of good work in this post! You have me thinking about using my faithful serger more creatively and adding more embellishments.

Becky said...

Wow, you've been busy! The embroidered pieces look great, and that shashiko machine looks neat.

Sheila said...

Thanks for the info on using decorative thread in my coverstitch and serger, as well as the reference book.

You are truly working your machines and the projects are awesome.

I am enjoying, they have some cool emb. designs.