Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old fabric , new look!

I still have tons of pics to post of finished projects! But here is what I'm working at the moment.... Taking this plain cotton denim and putting 3 of my decorative stitches to work making it more unique. It will be a short cropped vest when it is all done! I made a off white satin shirt Tuesday to go under it and I'm thinking maybe some kind of short skirt out of the same denim... Don't think I have enough for pants.             Last week I made the Bald man a button up shirt using my sashiko machine for top stitching (beautiful) and ofcourse some embroidery to dress it up... And I made me a shirt putting my coverstitch machine to work with decorative threads for embellishment.                                  Just trying to put my machine to better use.... They are capable of so much!

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Sheila said...

WoW... that is going to be gorgeous. I have a coverstitch machine and never thought of using it for decorative stitches. Would you be able to do a tutorial on how you use your machine to create decorative stitches.

laura said...

You are so creative! I've been thinking about making a short vest too but I know it won't even begin to compare to yours!

Becky said...

Great idea for updating the fabric!

prashant said...

Blind Willie's looks and sounds like fun!! It sounds like you did a good job

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