Friday, February 19, 2010

Personal Style Research cont...

Ok.... so I've got the my body shape(hourglass), know my color palette (soft summer) , picked my 3 words describing my "style"(romantic, casual, sexy)
I know what I like and what looks good on me.
The next exercise I've been working on is the "who are you" and the practicalities of fitting favorite looks into the wardrobe.

Lets see, I don't work outside the home.... the biggest part of my days are spent, working out, sewing, cooking(maybe I should make more aprons!), being a taxi service for my son and going to the store for groceries/house hold supplies.
This requires jeans and cute fitted t-shirts, workout clothes and yoga pants.... all of which I love!
I love making jeans and need to make some more...
I made alot of yoga/workout pants last summer and they have all but fell apart! Where the heck do people buy good cotton spandex!!
I occasionally make t's and tanks.... then decorate with stamps, embroidery...etc. But most of the time I buy t's and tanks when the go on sale and then embellish them.... sewing t's is kinda boring... esp, since I've made alot over the years... and its soooo much cheaper to buy them when they go on sale and maybe just take them up in the waist for better fit then do the fun stuff!
workout clothes.... again... I wait for sales... I think they're kinda boring to make plus I can't find good cotton spandex that can hold up and look good for long.... also I prefer the fabric that keeps you dry even though you sweat... and I have no ideal where to but that stuff.
If I'm going to a store or taking my son somewhere I typically go in jeans, t-shirt and throw on a bolero or some kind of jacket over it.... and hoop earrings!

We go out once or twice a week and I like to get dressed up.... this is where maxi and mini dresses, corsets, dress pants and pretty button ups come into the picture... and sexy knit tops and t's!!..... My wardrobe is in need of a couple more corsets and mini dresses. And alot of blouses, which can also be worn to church.
I like wearing wrap dresses, long skirts and knit tops to church.

My hobbies outside of the house are walking and working with my dogs... which just requires the t shirt jean wardrobe of my everyday.
We do go away for weekends and vacations I dress up more in my "going out" clothes when we do.

So going through my closet and ruthlessly throwing things out I realize alot of stuff is really in colors I don't like wearing and styles I apparently don't like wearing... cause alot of stuff I've made, wore once and never looked at again! But now I can 'Identify' the issue with each piece!!!
yep... I'm really getting somewhere here...
I am guilty of certain things...
I buy fabric on sale not thinking about the color enough
I make things that have no real place in my lifestyle

Before I met The Bald Man I had a closet full of color that looked good with my dark tan and brown/golden hair. I never wore black! Then The Bald Man enters the pic and he buys me black clothes, picks out black fabrics... and I have a closet full of black clothes that I don't like wearing.
There I said it... I don't like wearing black for tops! Sorry Bald Man.
According to my color research I am to avoid black for a top because it makes me look like death... I knew it! I told the Bald Man this was all his fault. Out goes some beautiful black clothes..... that I hated wearing. Ofcourse black for pants is a must!!!! Light colored pants are not my friend...

Out went alot of stuff.....
I even went through my shoes....
I only wear clogs, wedges, platforms, boots and sneakers... so why do I have so many stilettos????

My purse closet.... oh yeah... needs alot of work.... bye to lots of things there.

Accessories are next.... thats gonna be a hot mess to go through....

Make up..... I did have my make up re done when I let go of the tanning bed and my old hair color... but I was hanging on to alot of Mac eye colors and blushes I no longer look good in.
I found this site
which pushed me to clean out my make up drawers. Much better!

So.... Now I only have clothes I actually like to wear in my closet... and I've got room to make clothes I really need and will wear!

More jeans, some black trousers, blouses, a couple of mini dresses, a corset or two ( I love corsets with jackets!!) In real need of some blazers/jackets in colors I like!
I would also like to add a pair of nude wedges and animal print platforms... and some thigh high boots (crazy I know but I love'em) I get a little crazy with shoes sometimes ;)

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julia said...

Okay, so now I realize that I need to do the same thing and go through my closet and get rid of almost everything. I don't like hardly any of my clothes. Maybe once I get to the size I'm striving for I will be able to wear some of the ones I have that I do like or make myself some new ones.

Becky said...

Sounds like things are going well there! And thanks for the link to the makeup site... I have to admit that I don't wear a whole lot of makeup (pretty much out of sheer laziness...I generally can't be bothered with much more than necessary skin care, concealer and my brush-on mineral foundation!) But when I do get in the mood to throw on some eye makeup, apparently those are the colors I was going for anyway! Mostly. Sometimes I do mix some silver in there just for fun, because even though silver apparently isn't the best color for me, I'm drawn to accessories that use it anyway!

Rose said...

You have been busy! You're an inspiration, lady!! I do need to get busy on a similar project. As for cotton spandex workout type fabric, I've found some at Lucy's Fabrics and Seattle fabrics on line. Occasionaly, I've found some at Joann's but they often stock the really cheap stuff. Good luck on continuing your project. There're be lots to see in the future, right?

Faye Lewis said...

Thank your for your comment. Every time I send you an email it gets returned!

sanjeet said...

I have that I do like or make myself some new ones.
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