Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Jacket, T-shirts and some Jewelry!

Here is what I did last week.....First we have.... NL 6610! Not one of those fabulous cup size patterns I'm obsessed with but it didn't matter because I wasn't going to have any kind of closure on this any ways....
This is a lovely light weight green and white tweed given to me by my Great Aunt Mildred in Nashville. And its a great fit! I lined it with some floral cotton my Mom gave me last year while she was cleaning out her huge stash of cotton fabrics!

I used 8mm iridescent sequins, 4mm pearls, 6mm pearls and a few 8mm silver sequins for the hand beaded cuffs I wanted to do.

And here's the picture I got the ideal from... I made my jacket longer and didn't use the beading on the mandarin collar. I found a great pearl and silver chain belt at Goodwill I plan to make into a necklace and wear with it.

This is a purchased long sleeve t-shirt (clearance at Hobby Lobby $3)... I did the screen printing using Simply Screen,, added some crystals.... lovely, stylish and cheap new T-shirt! I actually made this one a few weeks ago.

These 2 were made last week... this is another clearance T.... and I used Simply Screen and a stencil on it... and a few crystals.

This is a short sleeve T from walmart clearance $5. I used stencils, stamps, Simply Screen and crystals. I think I got a bit to carried away on this t!!! But I still like it!

This pic to the left is a Betsey Johnson necklace I love... but refused to pay the high price for... I don't like the gold on this piece and I don't like the purple yarn... and I find it a bit crazy to pay high prices for jewelry thats not even real silver... not even gold plated! no semi precious stones, no swavorski crystals!!! .. just costume jewelry for to much money...

Here's the one I made... I used 2 different tones of silver chains, swavorski crystals on the dangles... no gold and no yarn.... I have maybe $8 dollars in this... esp. since the crystals were on sale! Lovely chandler earrings... much needed in my jewelry closet! I used all Swavorski crystals and peals... making stuff like this isn't my favorite thing... but I sure love the outcome!

This was a plain silver and rhinestone necklace on clearance at Target for $4.... I bought a pack of charms for $3 and made a cute charm necklace.

This took awhile to make... I saw one very similar in a magazine,can't remember which one or who made it, but I remember the price... $294.... I made this for less than $10. And I already know the dress I'm going to make to wear with it!

These some great Goodwill finds that will be properly embroidered, dis stressed, embellished or what ever else I decided to do! Thats probably gonna have to wait till next week though...

This week I made another blouse... pink... so pretty and a pair of dressy navy pinstripe shorts to be worn with some tights/hose and navy wedge shoes.
I think they look great together and I'm hoping for a warm enough weekend to wear the outfit this weekend!

Till next time.... Happy sewing, crafting and creating!!! And God Bless!!!
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a Marilyn Monroe Corset top and Cheshire Handbag

Here is my Corset top, made last week using S2440... Fabric was from Gail K's in ATL. The pattern is for a full formal dress but as you can see I only used the bodice... Its another one of those great cup size option patterns that makes my sewing life so easy! I added boning on all seams and straps. Changed the back zipper to a side zipper.Very easy to make. Ha! My new hand bag.... using another one of Ellen Medlock's patterns.... this is my 'Cheshire cat' handbag. Now this isn't really Cheshire cat fabric but thats what it reminds me of... you know when he disappears and alls left is his eyes and singing smiling mouth...

Ofcourse the inside is lined with something silly...

I love it! Its goofy and cute, with plenty of room!

Here's the pants I made last week... they are finished now and like all the other pants I've made from this RTW copy the fit is right on. I got this fabric at Goodwill.... 5yrds for like $3!

This week my sewing room is getting a bit of a break...I've been busy running my son here and there.... getting my hair done , etc. I've been planning on some upcoming embroidery projects... I do have a jacket all cut out and ready to sew when the mood hits and time allows!
But its good for me to take a step back and look at what I've made since my personal style project... so far so good!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two Outfits for a Night out!

Saturday night is our night out and we both had new clothes to wear that I made last week!!
Here is Vogue 1020.... I have made this dress before and I've also made the shirt version twice.. I love it... super easy and really flattering. I cut it out one day and made it in a couple of hours the next.
I got this fabric at Gail K's in ATL... while doing my personal style look book projects I noticed alot of military and camo stuff for spring in the fashion magazines.... so I just had to find some pink camo! Here is The Bald Man's new shirt... I told y'all the more shirts I make him the more machines and fabric he'll buy!!! ;-)
The is the Islander sewing pattern I always use for him....Made this in 2 days... I'm getting faster! The pattern says it can easily be made in 4 hours... not quite there yet.... haha. Ofcourse the embroidery adds time to it.

This more machines I can point out that I used the better.... here's some embroidery..
he picked out this fabric himself and I was scared... but I think it turned out really good.
He picked out the buttons too. The Asian symbol means wisdom.

Back yoke, left shoulder...

Back yoke right shoulder...

Making mens shirts would be boring but getting to add embroidery to it makes it fun.

This week I have made a new pair of dress pants... navy with beige pinstripes... finished up today! I did a screen print stencils on a long sleeve t shirt today too.... and I cut out 4 patterns! AND I cut out and started a corset top.... should be finished by the end of the week if I have no fit problems.
Y'all have a great week!!!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lots going on here!

So I finished my coat refashion embroidery project.. just in time for it to warm up! But that's ok.. I'm ready for spring!!! Anyways.. I can't decide... no flowers up top on the lapel or should I add 1.. or more.. what do you think????

Here's a close up of the embroidery.... love the 3d flower effect! And the extra large design was pretty easy thanks to the grand hoop my Pfaff 2170 uses!

I added new buttons.. the old ones were tarnished gold... and ugly.
I had so much fun re fashioning this coat! And I think it looks great...its exactly what my coat closet needed.... if I could just decide about the lapel....

Here's another pair of boots I embroidered... these were $3 at a thrift store... perfect for embroidery projects! The butterfly is 3d! I've got lots of compliments on these....

I also added a applique 3d embroidery flower to the recent purse I just made... I think it adds a little more style to it.

Recent crochet projects finished.... A bolero... because I wear them soooo often!

This pic didn't turn out the way I wanted but this yarn is beautiful! Its black alpaca with sliver, gold, blue and pink sparkle threads all through it !! Making it compatible with lots of my wardrobe!
Its now a long sleeve triangle lace shrug...

This week on the sewing machine..... The Bald Man's new shirt! He picked this fabric out himself while we were in ATL last time at Gail K's. I am finished with it... I'll get pics when we go out tonight. Ofcourse he wanted embroidery on it but I finished it up in 2 days... not bad time.... Ya know I have to make him shirts and stuff from time to time so he'll keep buying me machines!

On the felting/punch machine.... animal print chiffon.... I'm punching/distressing this fabric to give it some texture.... this project will take awhile....

Also on the sewing machine..... My new mini dress!!!!! with this fabric! I love the military trends I've seen in this springs fashion mags... she here's my version of it! Its done and I'll get pics of it to when we go out! Saturday night is Sushi night for us!

I've also been organizing and re organizing my 3 sewing rooms... Its coming together!

And here's the other B-day present my mom give me.... a quilted wall hanging she made. "what fabric"!!!! hahaha exactly what I'm saying! This looks so cute in my main sewing room!

Next week.... all I know is I'm doing a pair of dress trousers. I'm sure something else will come to mind to sew....
Y'all have a great weekend and God Bless you!!!
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Personal Style Wrap-up!

So after the ruthless closet cleaning... getting rid of styles I don't wear, don't fit right, are the wrong color, etc (yes it was painful since 90% of the clothes I have I made!!).... and going through shoes, accessories, make-up, purses I don't use (no pain no gain??)... I can put together an outfit I love in about 10 minutes.. head to toe... and do my make up in about 15min.
This is all very amazing to me.... I have a great look book that I will be adding to every month as my favorite fashion mags come out... which will help me continue my ever evolving style happenings and help me plan what to make, which patterns to use, update ways to put together things I've already made so they keep looking fresh!
It has also helped me really see what I need to add to my closet so much easier!
I also went through my patterns... got rid of a ton !!! and got rid of fabric thats in the wrong color choices for me.... (here I come ebay!)
This should help me so much in developing TNT patterns, wardrobe and outfit planning.

Below are some of my fav outfits I've made over the last couple of years.... I've looked through all my blog photos and its really crazy how many things I've made... made well... fit well... but just didn't like! So I keep wearing the same things I do like over and over while my closet was busting at the hinges!!! Insanity!

Below... The first, and so far only corset I've ever made... in a color I don't like to wear up top but the grey (a color I do like) cropped jacket makes it acceptable... Must make more corsets! I love them with jackets and pants/jeans. My favorite mini dress (more yes more of these!) and a flowy jersey dress I made by draping... knitted the belt... love this for a night dancing.. and don't mind the length on it because its done in rounded triangle pieces that move beautifully.

Cowl neck tops... I've made so many.. and I love them all! Luckily I made them in colors I love. Top and longskirt... which looks like a dress in this pic... and this turquoise jersey dress with the free lace caplet.... I will probably turn them both mini... esp... the turquoise dress.. I love it but I would wear it more if it was short. (I will never cut my hair short again or have it dyed blond WWIT!!!!!!!!!!!) (the blond was really Bald Man's fault!)

Love this 3 piece outfit just the way it is (love that my hair is getting long too!).... Love my maxi dress and the other maxi dresses I made last summer.... normally I would want a top more fitted in the waist but this off the shoulder top chiffon is a fav anyways.

And I love ALL the jeans I've made (need more) and the new button up (need many more!)
So I'm calling this project a wrap... I have learned alot about my style, what looks best color wise and better planning. I'm so happy I took the time to do this... I know it will save me tons of money and loads of time in the future.
Meanwhile... I made a blazer that fits!!!! (thank you cup size patterns!) and finished my embroidery coat project..I will post very soon about them.. this week I'm making the Bald Man a new shirt (even if he did encourage me to dye my hair that hideous blond color!)
God Bless you ALL! and have a great day!

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