Monday, March 1, 2010

Personal Style Wrap-up!

So after the ruthless closet cleaning... getting rid of styles I don't wear, don't fit right, are the wrong color, etc (yes it was painful since 90% of the clothes I have I made!!).... and going through shoes, accessories, make-up, purses I don't use (no pain no gain??)... I can put together an outfit I love in about 10 minutes.. head to toe... and do my make up in about 15min.
This is all very amazing to me.... I have a great look book that I will be adding to every month as my favorite fashion mags come out... which will help me continue my ever evolving style happenings and help me plan what to make, which patterns to use, update ways to put together things I've already made so they keep looking fresh!
It has also helped me really see what I need to add to my closet so much easier!
I also went through my patterns... got rid of a ton !!! and got rid of fabric thats in the wrong color choices for me.... (here I come ebay!)
This should help me so much in developing TNT patterns, wardrobe and outfit planning.

Below are some of my fav outfits I've made over the last couple of years.... I've looked through all my blog photos and its really crazy how many things I've made... made well... fit well... but just didn't like! So I keep wearing the same things I do like over and over while my closet was busting at the hinges!!! Insanity!

Below... The first, and so far only corset I've ever made... in a color I don't like to wear up top but the grey (a color I do like) cropped jacket makes it acceptable... Must make more corsets! I love them with jackets and pants/jeans. My favorite mini dress (more yes more of these!) and a flowy jersey dress I made by draping... knitted the belt... love this for a night dancing.. and don't mind the length on it because its done in rounded triangle pieces that move beautifully.

Cowl neck tops... I've made so many.. and I love them all! Luckily I made them in colors I love. Top and longskirt... which looks like a dress in this pic... and this turquoise jersey dress with the free lace caplet.... I will probably turn them both mini... esp... the turquoise dress.. I love it but I would wear it more if it was short. (I will never cut my hair short again or have it dyed blond WWIT!!!!!!!!!!!) (the blond was really Bald Man's fault!)

Love this 3 piece outfit just the way it is (love that my hair is getting long too!).... Love my maxi dress and the other maxi dresses I made last summer.... normally I would want a top more fitted in the waist but this off the shoulder top chiffon is a fav anyways.

And I love ALL the jeans I've made (need more) and the new button up (need many more!)
So I'm calling this project a wrap... I have learned alot about my style, what looks best color wise and better planning. I'm so happy I took the time to do this... I know it will save me tons of money and loads of time in the future.
Meanwhile... I made a blazer that fits!!!! (thank you cup size patterns!) and finished my embroidery coat project..I will post very soon about them.. this week I'm making the Bald Man a new shirt (even if he did encourage me to dye my hair that hideous blond color!)
God Bless you ALL! and have a great day!

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Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I need to do exactly the same thing and have been putting it of for some months now. DH is away for four days in a few weeks and I have set that time aside to do what you have done. The things you talk about in this post have given me a clearer idea of what I am looking for and how ruthless I need to be. What keep a cupboard full of things I'll never wear, no matter how well made they are!

Cennetta said...

Great post and great observation of your personal style. Wow.., 90 percent of your wardrobe is sewn! That's a great accomplishment. Love outfits you've featured.

I've been purging the ole closets too. Some things are hard to part with, but it must be done. lol

Good luck with your sales on eBay!

Becky said...

Wow, you're quite efficient! I'm still working on the cleaning out the wardrobe bit, lol. Though I did purchase some new shoes over the weekend--I really hope they fit, as they're mail-order--and am slowly getting together a pile to take to Goodwill. Also putting together a pile of clothes that need to be altered to fit better or otherwise mended. I have a feeling mine is going to be more of an ongoing project! I'm quite impressed with both your ruthlessness and the clarity that you ended up with, so congrats!

Sheila said...

I purged my closest last year when I decided to move my clothes from the bedroom closet to the sewing room closet. Now I need to purge my blouses/tops/tees... too many and so many laying around unworn.

Thanks for the inspiration.

sanjeet said...

That's a great accomplishment. Love outfits you've featured.
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