Friday, April 30, 2010

Brit's 1st Prom... my new HOT dress!!!

Last Friday was my niece Britney's prom... here she is with her date... love the posing...
They do look cute... she said they were the best looking couple there... I know, so modest! She must get that from me!! lol!!! I always say... if you look good... "own it!" but if you don't... gotta own that too!(and better do something about it!!)
There's more pics on my mom's blog

Here she is before the prom. I did her hair and make-up... which I do think she was kinda shocked it turned out good... ha! I've been trying to tell her for years she could learn a thing from her Aunt Ang! I believe in the power of make-up! I mean... I even went to school for it!

Ok.... sewing projects now.... There are quite a few pics of me in this white dress.... Because I LOVE it!!!!
In a fashion magazine (I can't remember which one cause I read them all) there was a photo shoot titled "White is the new Black for summer"
Along with cut outs being so hot this summer... I came up with this..... fabric is from the way over priced, but fabulous Rex's in Miami.

I am not naked under it!!! I underlined it with a nude spandex.

I love this dress... I love wearing white! I didn't make this tight fitting since the illusion of 'skin' was enough 'sexy' for me on this dress... The Bald Man was disappointed when I showed him the dress but then told him it was not form fitting....that made me mad.... then when he saw it on me... he changed his mine and said" wow, thats sexy but classy too!"
wow, Bald Man.... I must know what I'm doing!! haha!! Men!!

Here's a pic in my burgundy shorts... made the week before... along with an old tank top I added studs too (and need to add a few more) and the denim jacket I showed with the embroidery I added in a previous post.

This week I have been working on a long boyfriend jacket.. and have cut out a pair of shorts.
I'm also planning another white dress I think....
Take care and God Bless!!! Have a great weekend!!!
Here in TN we are supposed to get some thunderstorms... which is fine and saves me from watering my garden... just as long as there are no tornadoes attached to them!
Also coming up..... I have a give away to do soon.....
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Fun Outfit

Here is my pink camo!! All sewn up in a mini skirt! With the jacket I bleached and destroyed like the one in Elle I saw... and a tank from H&M ($6) that I added some stretch lace and sequins too.
Great Saturday night spring out fit! The first pic is blurry... sorry. I Love my jacket.... it always feels great to do RTW knock offs so cheaply!!
You can't really see the lace/sequins I added to the top for the tank.... but check out the awesome shoes I got from DSW on my last ATL trip... ha! they make me super tall!!!! I have a hang up about being 5'5... because my brother, mom and dad are ALL tall!! And now my son is 6'3".... making me feel super short.... though I guess my height is average or a little below..

I love my camo mini.... I also love that I have some left over fabric!!! yeppeeee..... The Bald Man suggested a tank... which I think that would be great with jeans.

I'm also happy to say that my clean eating and workout schedule still seem to be working. 4 more weeks of what I'm doing now then I'm gonna switch it up!
Now if only I could find someone who could actually get my hair right! Red just keeps coming back and I hate it!
Last week I also made a grey button up and a snake skin mini... pics will be taken as soon as I wear them! And I embroidered a pair of pants turned capris.
This week.... still don't know what to start next.... white mini dress or floral tunic with sequin mini skirt.... I have gone mini crazy a bit lately...

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Busy Embroidery Machine

I haven't done to much this week.... except workout, cook... work at our business for a few hours.
I did sew another pair of dress shorts... burgundy color! Just what I needed... and I bleached and destroyed a jacket to look like a designer jacket I saw. I meant to take pics!!! but forgot...
I decided this week I needed to start doing up all those jeans and denim jackets I got at Goodwill and Rag a Rama. I mean, I got rid of half of my wardrobe in the Personal style project... there is some room in the closet and this will fill gaps quickly. Plus everything I bought was so cheap!! I came out way better doing this. I love denim and jeans!!!
Here's the first doing up project.... a pair of AE jeans... I used designs from Anita Goodesign Cowboy Couture.... and some studs I got from ebay! I love how these turned out and they might be my new favorite pair of jeans. The pictures on the design cd use rhinestones but I thought that was a bit to 'rhinestone cowgirl'.... haha! Plus unless you've completely ignored every fashion magazine for spring, studs are very in! And I was looking for ways to put them into my wardrobe without looking biker-ish. Studs on the back pockets and one front pocket too....

Next is a short sleeve denim jacket. I used Anita Goodesigns Asian Fusion for this project.

I might should have put the back design up higher... but I hate when I've done a design on the back and my hair hides it... thats why its lower.

Here's a little pic of the color palette for a major project I completed a month ago.... Pictures soon!!! I love blues...

Back to the garden! Its a beautiful day!!!!! Praise God for SPRING!!!!
Even if the flower pollen is making my allergies crazy!
This week I'm going to try and get another button up made, as well as some more 'doing up' denim projects!!!

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Friday, April 2, 2010

New Clothes for a trip to ATL and a fabric haul!

Here is Burda 7550 and S 3684.... now the shorts (7550) fit perfect, as all Burda young pants patterns do! I haven't wore shorts in a really long time. Due to not having shapely legs cause I was to lazy to work out.... that has changed since Dec.09 I have been working out 5 days a week and now have shape back in my legs!!! Hello shorts and mini skirts! I already have the fabric laid out to make more of these simple dressy shorts... they only took a few hours to make.
The shirt, another cup size option pattern, didn't fit as well as the other button up I made. Thinking it would I didn't add any extra seam allowance.... the result was it being a tiny bit to tight across the bust... so I put buttons up to the 'stretch point' then added buttons on both sides all the way up to the collar... so it looks like it was meant to be a deep v-neck and I'm not just unbuttoning it! This all means I can't wear it to the super market but its great for a late night dinner in ATL.... which is where I am in these pics! Here's the jacket I was working on last week, all finished up and perfect for a cool spring evening.
I made the silver chain and pearl necklace out of a belt at Goodwill ($2)

I've not done alot of crocheting lately... I'm working on a halter top... but working very slowly! ha! I've not had my crochet mojo working! But I have done these granny squares... using left over yarns. I'm making 1 to 3 a month to be sewn together at the end of the year into an afghan that someone might get for Christmas!

While in Atl the ever important trip was made to Gail K's.... I have been sewing alot so I have no guilt at all on buying fabric... even though my stash is huge... heehee!
Below is a Fabric the Bald Man picked out for a shirt... he picked out some cool buttons too. This keeps him busy while I load up....

My haul..... a sheer floral knit, a pink, raspberry and white tweed, dusty purple knit, beautiful blue knit, a jade and purple silk, lt. grey knit.... last but not least... a pink camo stretch woven!!

We left last Saturday and got back Tuesday... and I've not sewn anything... but my embroidery machine has been busy with a goodwill denim short sleeve jacket.... and I've been working on an old pair of favorite jeans.... they are looking awesome and I can't wait to take pics! And I destroyed (in a good way) and bleached white a long sleeve denim jacket (goodwill again).. a total knock off ideal...
Until next week.....
Have a HAPPY EASTER! Praise God for Jesus Christ! He is RISEN! and I am so blessed to know it!
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