Friday, April 30, 2010

Brit's 1st Prom... my new HOT dress!!!

Last Friday was my niece Britney's prom... here she is with her date... love the posing...
They do look cute... she said they were the best looking couple there... I know, so modest! She must get that from me!! lol!!! I always say... if you look good... "own it!" but if you don't... gotta own that too!(and better do something about it!!)
There's more pics on my mom's blog

Here she is before the prom. I did her hair and make-up... which I do think she was kinda shocked it turned out good... ha! I've been trying to tell her for years she could learn a thing from her Aunt Ang! I believe in the power of make-up! I mean... I even went to school for it!

Ok.... sewing projects now.... There are quite a few pics of me in this white dress.... Because I LOVE it!!!!
In a fashion magazine (I can't remember which one cause I read them all) there was a photo shoot titled "White is the new Black for summer"
Along with cut outs being so hot this summer... I came up with this..... fabric is from the way over priced, but fabulous Rex's in Miami.

I am not naked under it!!! I underlined it with a nude spandex.

I love this dress... I love wearing white! I didn't make this tight fitting since the illusion of 'skin' was enough 'sexy' for me on this dress... The Bald Man was disappointed when I showed him the dress but then told him it was not form fitting....that made me mad.... then when he saw it on me... he changed his mine and said" wow, thats sexy but classy too!"
wow, Bald Man.... I must know what I'm doing!! haha!! Men!!

Here's a pic in my burgundy shorts... made the week before... along with an old tank top I added studs too (and need to add a few more) and the denim jacket I showed with the embroidery I added in a previous post.

This week I have been working on a long boyfriend jacket.. and have cut out a pair of shorts.
I'm also planning another white dress I think....
Take care and God Bless!!! Have a great weekend!!!
Here in TN we are supposed to get some thunderstorms... which is fine and saves me from watering my garden... just as long as there are no tornadoes attached to them!
Also coming up..... I have a give away to do soon.....
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Faye Lewis said...

Angela I love that dress. The cut is amazing. We are supposed to get rain too, and I share your thoughts about the tornadoes!

laura said...

Oh my, our prom days are over but I do remember the fun involved in getting ready for them! I think it's a lot more fun though, when family is involved and I can certainly see that your niece is a quick study when it comes to learning how to pose from her aunt!!!
That white dress is just fantastic!! As usual you did a great job.

Julia said...

Your niece is a beauty! love your dress!