Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Fun Outfit

Here is my pink camo!! All sewn up in a mini skirt! With the jacket I bleached and destroyed like the one in Elle I saw... and a tank from H&M ($6) that I added some stretch lace and sequins too.
Great Saturday night spring out fit! The first pic is blurry... sorry. I Love my jacket.... it always feels great to do RTW knock offs so cheaply!!
You can't really see the lace/sequins I added to the top for the tank.... but check out the awesome shoes I got from DSW on my last ATL trip... ha! they make me super tall!!!! I have a hang up about being 5'5... because my brother, mom and dad are ALL tall!! And now my son is 6'3".... making me feel super short.... though I guess my height is average or a little below..

I love my camo mini.... I also love that I have some left over fabric!!! yeppeeee..... The Bald Man suggested a tank... which I think that would be great with jeans.

I'm also happy to say that my clean eating and workout schedule still seem to be working. 4 more weeks of what I'm doing now then I'm gonna switch it up!
Now if only I could find someone who could actually get my hair right! Red just keeps coming back and I hate it!
Last week I also made a grey button up and a snake skin mini... pics will be taken as soon as I wear them! And I embroidered a pair of pants turned capris.
This week.... still don't know what to start next.... white mini dress or floral tunic with sequin mini skirt.... I have gone mini crazy a bit lately...

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Carol said...

I love, love, love this outfit! The pink camo is perfect. I bought a pair of ridiculously high pink hidden platform slingbacks that would look great with this outfit. Oh and I accidentally bought a pair of hot pink patent leather kitten heel boots that would work, too. Now you've got my creative juices flowing, I'm off to find some pink camo!

Sheila said...

Look at you looking all sexy... great outfit. Question on the jacket was it a denim blue and then it was bleached totally white? If so Awesome.

Christa said...

Sexy thang! Love it! I really love what you did to the denim jacket! I haven't done that in YEARS!!!

Faye Lewis said...

Too cute, and pink to boot!