Friday, May 21, 2010

New Camo Dress, Gardening, Embroidery, Sashiko & Quilting!!

Whew, we've been busy! Between trying to get my son finished with his home schooling for the year, our little backyard garden project (which I admit The Bald Man has taken over!) going into work at our business twice a week and ofcourse working out like a crazy person... I have still found time to sew... a little...
Check out our back yard garden... its coming along!! I saw a tiny squash yesterday... And picked my first batch of lettuce from my deck garden...
Here's one of the embroidery projects I did a couple of weeks ago... I couldn't post them till now because they were part of my moms Mothers day present... coffee themed kitchen towels... cute!
I fancied them up after the embroidery with some lace...

This week I made some of my quilt... here's the fabrics up close... I love mermaids!

Its a very simple quilt project... its my first real quilt...a queen size!! I have all the squares sewn together... I have to find something for the borders... then it'll be off to mom's for the quilting part.. because she has a big long arm fancy quilt machine (a machine I don't have... yet... heehee!)

A wall hanging ! All stitching done with my babylock sashiko machine!

This dress was made a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to post it!!! It was supposed to be a shirt but it came out sooooo long I decided why waste all that fabric by cutting it off... I do love a mini dress... Its made from pattern M6034... I know I just made a camo dress with this same fabric... but it was different... I don't think I can have to many pink camo outfits anyways!!

See much different than the last one... its sleeveless and has pleats all down the sides ...

Also, this week I started another sashiko wall hanging, and made 2 purses... embroidered a camisole top (turned out so nice even with the mistakes I made) And I finally finished the animal print chiffon I was distressing on my felting machine!
More later!
God bless and have a great weekend!!!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Workin' It with weights

Ok, some of you asked about my nutrition/fitness plan in my last post... and some of you emailed me... so I'll start from the beginning...
I have been a on fitness 'journey' ! Working out like I never have before in my whole life!! Working out like I never thought I could... eating like I never have... here's the best part... I've liked it... alot.
Now I have always had to watch my weight... its very easy for 5..10lbs to creep up on me. But like most other women I cut carbs/calories/fat, did some kind of aerobics... step, hi-lo, walking until I lost it.
Which then I would slip back into old habits and have to start all over.
Well in Dec. 09 I decided it was time to lose the 10lbs I put on that year... and I started up with the usual... only, not having worked out in a year I started mighty slow... 15 t0 20 min. of aerobics for 4 or 5 days... working up to 30 min. then to 40 min.
My eating was cut back, its always been clean and whole foods, but my portions were to large... and after 1 month of that I didn't have great results... so I added some light weights... high reps... thats been known to help 'tone up' right? I mean... I'm 36 now.. everyone has warned me.. its not as easy to lose now... you're losing muscle tone every year now... your metabolism is starting to suck now.....
Fine... another month of aerobics, clean eating, low fat, light weights....
dropped 3lbs... that came back on somedays... ha!
and had no muscle tone what so ever.... at 36 10 extra lbs looks alot worse than 10 extra lbs at 26.... not to mention.... didn't I used to have a higher ass just a couple of years ago????????????!!!!!!!! Crap!
Then one day... looking for motivation in the book store at the magazine rack I saw this lady...... Tosca Reno.... the great inspiration.... can you believe she was overweight? ever? She started working out in her 40's!!!!!!! and now at 51 she looks amazing.... I was floored.... her website is check it out for her story and then get her books!

After reading about her and seeing her articles in Oxygen Magazine I was convinced that lifting weights... really lifting weights was what I needed to do to get the body I wanted.
Oxygen magazine is a great monthly inspiration I look forward to!
So following one of the diets in this magazine and one of the workout plans I dropped 10lbs without stressing. And started to see a tiny bit of muscle...

Then I discovered Muscle and Fitness Hers.... a bit more hardcore training... this is where I found my current nutrition and workout plan... the plan is for people who want to lose fat and gain lean muscle.
Its a 8 week plan... weeks 1-4 the training is: 4 days of weight training with 3 days of cardio for 30 min each time, leaving a day in between your cardio.... I love it.... I am almost done with the first part of this plan, I haven't lost anymore weight... BUT I'm really seeing some tone and muscle starting to build... and I'm down like 2 sizes.... I'm amazed. The nutrition plan is simple...about 1600 calories, 180 grams of lean proteins, 40 grams of healthy fats, 140 grams of complex carbs.... I am almost done with week 3... one more week... then I switch it up... the plan changes quite abit on week 5-8. I can't wait to see what happens then. For this plan in detail get the current Hers magazine.

In addition to the plan I'm taking, ofcourse a multi-vitamin and Tonalin CLA.

I started Cordygen5 today... its for endurance during cardio training.
I take Juggernaut Pre-workout on weight lifting days... Its working well. I started it this week and was able to increase my weights and have TONS of energy.

For a protein supplement I like GNC's Amp Wheybolic Extreme 60... getting in 180 grams of muscle building protein would be impossible without this stuff... and its so good!!! I have a scoop in my oats in the morning and a scoop and a half post workout shake of this stuff.... sometimes I add a few peaches. I always make it with green tea.

This stuff is sooooo yummy... BSN Dessert. A mix of whey and casein protein taken an hour or two before bed to help nourish and build muscles while they rest.
This is a great nightly treat!!! Makes such a thick creamy shake! just add water...
Dieting has never been better.
Well, thats what I've been doing... plus I just added 2 days a week of yoga too... and I cut out ALL alcohol... martini's, wine, all of it... I could still have a glass or 2 of wine but I've stopped wanting it for now. something has completely killed the craving for it. Now I'm the chic at the bar with club soda and lime that the bar tenders hate... haha.. The Bald Man tips well enough so they don't get to mad though.. plus he still like his cocktail on the weekend.
.... so, 10lbs lighter, 2 sizes smaller and starting to see muscles I forgot I had... I'm addicted. Its the muscle thing... weight loss was boring to me... sure I lose, look a little better... but with muscle, the transformation is driving me to want more... plus I like how you get to eat when you're building muscle.
Here's to hoping weeks 5-8 go as well as 1-4 have so far!
Then after that... I need a trainer... lucky there are some buff competitors here in Knoxville that train!
God Bless you ALL... and good luck for those of you who wrote me wanting to know what I was doing.
I am so thankful I found this way of fitness and nutrition. God has given us amazing bodies that can be shaped so nicely with a little work!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kwik Sew Outfit and a fit update

The jacket and shorts are both Kwik sew patterns. I've been wanting to make a boyfriend jacket for spring and here it is! Fabric was a gift from my Great Aunt Mildred in Nashville... I had just enough for the jacket and shorts!!! Cute... and I need another one... I have the perfect pink and white tweed too!!!
The jacket is KS3058 and the shorts are KS3061. I made the shorts in an afternoon... super easy mock fly zipper instructions on this pattern!!!
The jacket took 2 afternoons... about 4 hours I guess. Both went together fast and easy. Kwik Sew always does have great instructions! Plus no tissue pattern.

My fitness and nutrition plan seems to be working! I'm not trying to lose weight now.... just lower my body fat and build muscle.... so even though the scale doesn't show it... I'm down several inches and a couple of sizes. So I'm trying to only make things that are very stretchy or easy to alter! Since I've never worked out to achieve these kinds of results I have no ideal what size or shape my body will take if I stick with it.
I feel like I eat all the time on this menu plan!!! SOOOOOO much protein is required to build muscle... I had no ideal... anytime in the past when I've tried to "get in shape" I cut fat/carbs/calories, did step aerobics 5 days a week and very light weights with high reps.
With this plan (which I am LOVING and finding fairly easy to follow) Its weight lifting, low reps, higher weight 4 days a week(love this alot) cardio 3 times a week for 30min ( I find this pretty easy but next month I up it to 45min!!! Thats a challenge!) and the menu plan is moderate complex carbs only(ex. oatmeal, whole grains, sweet potatoes) moderate healthy fats only (almonds, peanut butter, olive oil)
ofcourse non starchy veggies, and high... super high on the protein. Can I just say I love protein shakes.... yum!!!!!!!!! I could drink them all day.... I have atlest 2... sometimes 3 a day,,, on top of all the other food I have to eat.... and sometimes I actually hit the number of protein grams I'm supposed to have a day!
I've never had this much fun getting in shape..... lets see if I can hang with it when the cardio gets upped next month....

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