Friday, June 11, 2010

New Handbags, Sashiko project and lots of boring stuff!

I made these a few weeks ago... but forgot to take pics and post... 2 more interchangeable handbags from the Ellen Medlock pattern.... this first one is made from some really soft leather that used to be the Bald Man's jacket. Its cuter as my purse! The polka dot fabric is from my mom. The second bag is made from some table cloth/straw like fabric... for some reason it was in my fabric stash... which worked out perfect because Chanel did alot of handbags this spring with a basket straw look that I wanted to add to my handbag collection.
I embroidered the flower appliques with my Pfaff, added a hot fix pearl to the center... the lace is from an old dressy skirt outfit my mom had.

Love the lace!! I'm glad I could find something to do with it! I think it gives the purse a slight vintage look. I have lots of lace left over for future projects too!

This is a pair of dress pants I bought from Burlington Coat factory for $10. The waist band of the pants actually already had sashiko stitching on it!! I added the Koi fish with my machine to the leg... I thought this was going to be hard....but it really wasn't. Love that machine...

Now... I bought this Tinkerbell fabric and I have no ideal what the heck I'm going to do with it!
But its soooooo cute! I'm sure it will end up a handbag of some kind!

Ha! More camo fabric! The grey is going to be a pair or capri's and the blue is going to be a round drawstring tote like the one this spring in the Blumarine collection! I have the perfect pattern!

This week I made myself a shirt... yet to be worn and the Bald Man a shirt... also not been worn yet... we're saving our new stuff for Saturday night.. we're going to a show... more on that later!

Also this week I've also been working on altering clothes.... mostly taking up the waist, raising the neckline. I have 17 items of clothing that needs altering and/or updating. This is the boring stuff I was talking about....

I actually got half of it done today and feel like I have lots of new clothes now! haha!! The updating part is fun... its just the altering!

Thats all for now! I'll have pics of our new stuff I made next week.
Have a blessed weekend!!!!!!

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Carol said...

I've been doing a whole heap of boring stuff, too. You feel good when it's done, though. I love both of your bags, but the spots are right up my alley. I've been using curtain fabric for bags. I found some offcuts of thermal fabric that has a tough layer of some black polyester insulating stuff sandwiched between the pretty stuff. It's the perfect weight for bags, yet is still easy to sew. These days everything I see is potential for sewing!

Julia said...

Great bags!!! I'm getting ready to make some myself.
I hate, hate, hate altering, but it is a necessary evil sometimes. I'm proud of you for getting so much done!!! Whew! What a great feeling.

Sheila said...

The handbags are so pretty. I hate altering clothes but know when its done its like having gone shopping.

Mary E said...

Girl! You have so grown as a craftswoman since I last visited your blog!!! You are amazing! I finally have more time now so I can't wait to see more.