Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Flies....

Times does fly by these days! And I've not sewed a stitch in over a month... now I've not been lazy! I've crocheted on my cami top and my granny square afghan... still messing around in the garden, though its sadly fading... I plan to try some fall/winter crops to help keep me from getting to sad about it!and I've discovered the absolute joys of CANNING!
For years I've said I was going to learn to can... this year I did! Spiced Peaches... Tomato sauce, Pickled Banana peppers, Vanilla Pears, Brandy Pears, Pear sauce, Roasted red pepper spread, Red wine fig compote.... to name a few... I'm really on the band wagon for canning! I'm also trying to make some Muscadine wine... mmmm...
And we're looking for a farm to buy! Now thats taking alot of time! We REALLY need a farm!!!! Its a long process to find the right land... meanwhile just look at the pretty canned stuff I've made!!!! Veggies and fruits are so pretty all preserved in mason jars.... meanwhile on the health and fitness front... I've lost 20lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and toned up more than ever before! I can believe I'm in the best shape of my life at 36! A size 4 was something I never thought I'd see again!
Especially since I eat so much... I still workout... on a 4 days weights and 4 day cardio plan right now.. which I change every 4 to 6 weeks.
This is another reason I've not been sewing.... I want to be sure my weight is stable before I start cutting out things to sew! I do hope to add more muscle definition by next spring. Hee Hee,,,, my "muscle pose" below.

On a rare night out.... The Bald Man and I have been such homebodies lately....

And how could I forget.... my new red poodle baby... AKC name 'A Little Bit of Irish Luck'.... he answers to Irish or Little bit... 4 months old here... already knows what 'go to bed' means, 'go outside' and knows to sit for treats... what a cute smarty! Going to be a joy top train... I can tell!
Well, except for crate training... he knows to 'go to bed' but he does not like staying there!! Its been a great summer! Hope the fall is blessed too!!!
God bless and take care!

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