Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Enjoying one of my favorite presents from Bald Man.. a bolt action .22! Since I've not shot a gun in YEARS this is a perfect gun to start with! Great present!!!
Well, we have been really busy this holiday season... not busy cooking, going to parties, shopping, visiting like most people.. but busy packing... having people lined up to work on our land and the double wide... finding people who can build pole barns, chicken coops, rabbit cages... looking for rabbit breeding stock, visiting the lady I want to buy my dairy goats from, researching the best meat chickens... best layers.... reading, reading, reading all about dairy goats and planning our huge garden!!!!! Patiently awaiting seed catalogs in the mail... drawing out garden plots on the property... drawing out plans for the major kitchen remodel (I gotta have a good kitchen!) and so on and so on!!!

Christmas Eve we kinda took a break from all that and went to my moms for lunch and to open presents... One of my other favorite presents this year was this quilt mom gave me... isn't it soooo pretty!!! Looks like stained glass windows! Yet another fav present was made by my dad... a wooden goat feeder... I'll add a pic of that in my next Christmas post... cause I gotta make two this year! Here's an afghan I crocheted for mom... she liked it so much I even got to take her pic with it... taking pictures of mom is risky business... if you take pictures of her without her permission she won't get you anything for Christmas next year... or birthdays either! Seriously!!!

My son, Brian, sitting by the cable 'yule log' we all laugh at! haha!!

I always try to make Brian something every year... and that can be a challenge with him being a hateful teenager that only likes guitars and his truck. But I made him this T-shirt quilt from a collection of T-shirts his dad bought him from his 'worldly' travels. And he seemed to really love it!
He better... it took so long to make!!! Its looks simple... and it was... just very time consuming!

After we opened presents Christmas eve, we stopped by my Grandmothers then headed out to our farm to be for TARGET PRACTICE! I really liked shooting my little 22! I'm ready for something bigger though.... and a crossbow would be nice...
I think someday I may have as many guns as I do sewing machines!

More later on the stuff I made Bald Man... he was very happy this year!!!

God Bless!! and Praise Him for our Savior! "the reason for the season!!!!"

We have been greatly blessed this year and this Christmas!

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