Friday, January 22, 2010

Lots of Stuff!!!! Finished!

Super long post.... ready??? lol!!

Self drafted bolero and Burda top 7742... simple top... made with a purple knit with metallic pinstripes (walmart)...
Which would have been fine but...

I decided the front pin stripes would look cool if I cover stitched them with some thick metallic decorative threads... it worked nicely and added something special to the top. I also chain stitched on the jacket, then sergered the edge with a metallic thread also.
To achieve these looks all you have to do is put your decorative thread in the looper on your cover stitch. On the serger it goes in the upper looper.... Sheila over at sheilazcrochetz asked me about doing a tutorial on the technique but honestly ... if I do I'm afraid I would confuse everyone lol!!! Including myself!!

So here's my source for cool serger and cover stitch stuff.... "Serger secrets" the book... easily found on ebay or . I have used many decorative techniques from the this book. The projects in it are dated but the info is awesome!

Simple and quick techniques really add alot to this top and bolero.

Here is what is on the back of the jacket... a simple dragon done with the embroidery machine (sorry the pic is blurry) I bought this design from love that source!

Onto Simplicity 3690 vest and shirt .... I have made this before but the shirt was ruined in the washer.... should have hand washed....

anyways. I love this top... made from crepe back satin my mom gave me. The vest and skirt fabric was sent to me by one of moms friends.... so I kinda got an almost free outfit!! haha!!

I should have made the Bald Man get a close up of the front side panel of the vest... its the fabric I embellished by doing 3 different decorative stitches over and over!! I decided to do the whole vest would be to 'busy' but love it on the side panels!

Instead of buttons I used my decorative stitches again! making eyelets and lacing a ribbon through them... kinda a corset effect... without the cleavage!!

Made the necklace and the earrings too... (can't see the earrings good...they're hoops)

And the embroidered boots!!! Got the ideal for these from last months Creative Machine Embroidery magazine. I wasn't sure how these would turn out since they were slouch boots but I like'em! You can't see in the pic but I also but Little black crystals in the paisley designs.

The Bald Mans new shirt! Made using an Islander sewing pattern (love those patterns!)

Nice green with black pinstripe fabric

Here is the back.... embroidery design and you can see the Babylock Sashiko machines top stitching here across the yoke

Again you can see the Sashiko machines work... so cool... looks like I hand stitched it....

and the embroidery design on the pocket

Here is a sampler I've been working on with the Sashiko machine... I'm learning this machine is pretty 'finicky' about what thread it likes and what fabric it likes.... theres defiantly a learning curve here!

Couple of little pics from last Saturday I worked at the Cairo Cafe (Mirage)

I'm in my new gold and black costume here.....

My new "fire" costume here.... it was very busy!

I need some better pics of my new costumes...

Right now I'm working on a dress and bolero... I'm wanting to use the Sashiko machine on the top bodice and make the bolero reversible.... we'll see what happens!!!!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bald Mans Favorite Present... and tons of Crocheting

Ok... finally some pics uploaded!! So get ready... loooong post! LOL!!
Here is the jacket I made my husband for Christmas... its his favorite thing! Let me tell you a bit about it...... you see The Bald Man has lots of old t-shirts..... faded, torn, stained and he refused to throw them out!! Well,,,, I may crochet my man hobo gloves but I don't want him to dress like a hobo!!! So I promised him if he would give me his old t-shirts I would see that they lived on... maybe make a t-shirt quilt or something.... thats how I got the t's away from him.

Planning to make his "big" present this year... I really wanted to make him a trench coat... but there were no patterns big enough for my man... so I thought I'll make him another jean jacket... he loves the one from last year... only this year instead of disstressing it and using lite blue denim I'll keep it neat and use dark denim.
I used Kwik Sew's mens jean jacket pattern... the 2X is a perfect fit for him.
After cutting out all the pieces I started looking for embroidery for it.... the theme... Lacrosse... and then remembered I had all those old Navy Lacrosse t-shirts from back when he coached at a camp!!!!
I cut out the parts of the shirts I wanted to use.... stuck Steam a seam 2 to them, fused them on the jacket with the iron and used the same heavy top stitching thread to zig zag around them.

Added a few embroidery touches..... lacrosse sticks... "Coach Rico"!!

I used 2 t's he had given me and 4 different embroidery designs.

I had planned to make him sooooo much more... but this thing took 3 weeks!!!!
It was worth it and he adores it!! I'll never forget how happy he was and ALL the pics he took of it and sent to his lacrosse buddies!

Now..... My crochet projects..... I have been wearing out my crochet hooks! lol! This is the main reason I think I haven't been blogging as much... cause when I'm not cooking, sewing, cleaning... and I sit on the couch... instead of picking up my computer I usually pick up the hook and yarn!
Below.... I don't remember if I posted this project or not.....My crochet coat I made back in Oct. using chenille yarn and q hook, pattern from Big Hook Crochet.

I love the way it turned out... love the hood!!!

The buttons are vintage from one of my Great Grand Mothers ,,, Aren't they so pretty!

This yarn was all in a kit that my mother bought on sale for $10!!!!!! Valued well over $100! The kit was supposed to make a knit vest..... I made this beautiful shawls using a pattern from an old vintage 70's crochet book I won from ebay.

It really was easy to make and crocheted up fast!

My 'hobo' gloves! Made the gloves and a matching scarf one evening last month.

Currently I'm crocheting another sweater....also been crocheting doilies and place mats for the dinning room table.

And my son got his truck!!!! He's still 15 so I don't have to panic yet!
He bought it himself. And already palling ALL he wants to do to it!!!

Its just soooo weird that my son has a truck!!!! and he'll be driving..... by himself soon!!
Scary thought!
I'll be praying!!!!

In the sewing room I'm still working on the vest with the fabric below! Can't wait to finish it!

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Old fabric , new look!

I still have tons of pics to post of finished projects! But here is what I'm working at the moment.... Taking this plain cotton denim and putting 3 of my decorative stitches to work making it more unique. It will be a short cropped vest when it is all done! I made a off white satin shirt Tuesday to go under it and I'm thinking maybe some kind of short skirt out of the same denim... Don't think I have enough for pants.             Last week I made the Bald man a button up shirt using my sashiko machine for top stitching (beautiful) and ofcourse some embroidery to dress it up... And I made me a shirt putting my coverstitch machine to work with decorative threads for embellishment.                                  Just trying to put my machine to better use.... They are capable of so much!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Bald Mans Hobo gloves

After seeing my crochet and knit hobo gloves Rico asked if I would make him a pair... He's out in the cold on his car lot quite a bit... I couldn't find a pattern so I made one up... Super easy... Made them in like an hous and half! And he loves 'em!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

I can't believe its 2010.... goals, goals

Another year..... 2010... I can't believe it! Above is a short video of where the Bald Man and I spent New Years Eve... Blind Willie's.... it was a great show!

A year in review! GOALS....

Now this year I didn't do as well on my goal list as 2008.... my goals changed from the first of the year... here's how it goes

Goal #1. Make an LBD..... I did... Long Black Dress. My LBD It just so happened when I got in the mood to make a LBD creativity was calling me to do something with my pfaff Grand Floral cd.... and I did ;)

Goal #2 Make Chanel Jacket..... nope.... this goal was put aside when I saw this My Chanel Knock off outfit I HAD to make it.

Goal #3 Make a travel wardrobe..... yes and no,,, I didn't make the travel wardrobe I had in mind when I wrote this goal.. I made 3 mini wardrobes this year... but the travel wardrobe turned into what I call the "weekend getaway wardrobe" I knew we wouldn't get to take a long vacation when Bald man started his new business... so a weekend getaway wardrobe made more sense.

Goal #4 Make something for Bald Man once a month.... nope... Sorry Honey! I think I made up for it with his Christmas present I made him though... Pics of that coming very soon....

Goal #5 Learn to paint silk.... instead of buying supplies for this I bought jewelry making supplies.. my wardrobe was in major need of updating there!! I made alot of pieces I'm very happy with! Even knocked off a Betsey Johnson piece I had my eye on.... I know I didn't post pics sorry...

Goal #6 Learn to crochet... boy did I ever! I'm addicted... got 2 projects going right now! Made countless crochet towels, doilies... make sweaters, shawls, boleros... even a purse and a coat.. I know again didn't post all my pics.....

Goal #7 Make stuff for Charity.... nope I didn't :( but I gave money!! I even started back bellydancing some so I could give extra.

Goal #8 Make 1 BWOF project each month.... nope and I didn't renew my subscription... which ended in April. I realized when faced with the challenge of having to sew from it enough to make it worth that expensive subscription price that I LOVE to look at BWOF... more than I like to sew from it... now I browse through it at BAM...

Goal #9 Make bound button holes... hahaha... left over from 08 goals! Still no!

Goal #10 Study Bible more... yes I did.

I'm not sure I'm really going to have goals this year... except I want to learn to use my machines better... I have all these great machines that can do so much more than put something together. And ofcourse I'll always have the goal of getting to know Jesus better.... thats just an everyday thing !

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