Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Double Chocolate Mocha Zucchini Brownie Cups

With the ABUNDANCE of squash and zucchini in our garden right now I have been coming up with some creative ways of eating them.... I've made baked zucchini fries (yum!) and a zucchini crisp several times so I decided today I needed to make something different... The thing is it still has to fit into my healthy eating menu so I re did my Zucchini Brownie recipe from last year... which had alot more carbs and a bit more fat! Healthy fats,.. but still!

Double Chocolate Mocha Zucchini Brownie Cups 
2oz. unsweetened dark chocolate or cacao
1 egg
1/2 cup agave nectar (i use the dark raw kind)
1/4 fresh brewed espresso
2 cups of oat flour
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
2 cups shredded zucchini
1/3 cup walnuts
Pre heat oven at 350F. Mix all ingredients. I used my cupcake pans with liners for these. makes for easier clean up and I know exactly what I'm getting! I use an ice cream scoop and only 1 scoop per cup. Bake for about 15 min.
This recipe makes 30 cupcakes.
Calories 89, Fat 4, Carbs 12, Protein 3

These are the perfect size for a snack or small dessert. Most perfect with 2 TBS of Fat free whip cream. They are not super sweet (cause I just don't care for overly sweet stuff) but it you do you may want to add 1/2 cup of another sweetener. I guess useing the oat flour makes these gluten free too!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Great Weekend!!!!

Well, last weekend we had so much fun! So let me tell ya about it! It started off with Friday night. We went to the Golden Shisha ... The Bald Man proudly wearing the much needed new shirt I made him! The Fabric was from Gail K's in Atl. (and I have enough left over for a handbag!)

I used the Islander pattern I always use for him... only took me like a day and a half to make it this time! Added a bible verse patch to the sleeve.. and check out the back... you see a good pic of the cheetah on it!

Fitness and healthy eating plan... going very well. The pic on the right is me Friday June the 11th 2010! The pic on the right was me last summer June 6th 2009. 12 pounds heavier and a whole lot flabbier! And not near as healthy looking!!! The Bald Man even took last years pic from a down angle or else I would look bigger I'm sure!
This was one of the tops in the mighty 'to be altered' pile! Which I am still working on!

Below is a picture of the lovely Mia, the bellydancer at the new and fabulous hookah cafe, The Golden Shisha here in Knoxville. I made this costume for another bellydancer about a year ago who proved to be a pain in the a** so I told her I wasn't making her a costume... I planned to put this on ebay since I didn't know anyone small enough to wear it around here... then I met Mia and she fits it perfect!!! Its made from an antique Indian sari I found at a thrift store in Atlanta. .. So there can never be another one!
So Friday night was fun!!!!

Now lets talk about Saturday!!! We went to Chattanooga to stay the night ... for this

The Battle at the River Body building, figure and bikini competition!!!!!

I had never been to any thing like this!

And honestly I went because I am thinking of training for the Bikini division of the competition.

Below is a pic of a womens figure category... such hard work goes into competing for something like this!

Even though I went to see the women compete I really really enjoyed the mens competition!!

Like I told Bald Man... its not because I think bodybuilders are hot (though some are) its because I am amazed at the way they transform their bodies into mountains!!!!
Seriously AMAZING!

The Bald Man did admit the mens competitions were way more entertaining.... the women just don't get the same amount of time to 'show off' and show their personalities.

Especially during the "pose offs" My favorite part!!!!! when the finalist try and out pose each other!!! so fun! You can imagine the whooping and hollering taking place here, it really revved up the guys!

The guy in the middle in the pic below is from Knoxville.... I could not stop staring at his legs!!!!

Crazy! There were actually alot of people competing from Knoxville.... I don't know where these people hang out cause I've never seen people like this here!

This guy below here was a Pro competitor.... all I can say is wow....

He was a special guest... he's from Whales and lives in Brentwood TN of all places!!! This was just a fun event and I can't wait to go to the next one... which is in August!!
And ofcourse after I talk to a trainer or two then I can decide if I might want to compete in the Bikini category... and what it will take to get me there! I don't know if I can do it... I've looked at a few pre contest plans here and there... they are sooooo intense! I keep thinking though... how amazing would I feel just to get to that point of fitness.

Sunday we went to one of our favorite restaurants 212 Market Street for an amazing brunch! Then to the Tennessee Aquarium!! We had a blast there too!

I especially loved the butterfly pavilion! and the seahorse exhibit!

Well, thats all for now! Hopefully I can finish up all the alterations and get to sewing something new soon!
I don't think this weekend will be as eventful but it will still be a blessed wonderful weekend...
Thanks and Praise to God!
Take care everyone and have a great weekend and week!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

New Handbags, Sashiko project and lots of boring stuff!

I made these a few weeks ago... but forgot to take pics and post... 2 more interchangeable handbags from the Ellen Medlock pattern.... this first one is made from some really soft leather that used to be the Bald Man's jacket. Its cuter as my purse! The polka dot fabric is from my mom. The second bag is made from some table cloth/straw like fabric... for some reason it was in my fabric stash... which worked out perfect because Chanel did alot of handbags this spring with a basket straw look that I wanted to add to my handbag collection.
I embroidered the flower appliques with my Pfaff, added a hot fix pearl to the center... the lace is from an old dressy skirt outfit my mom had.

Love the lace!! I'm glad I could find something to do with it! I think it gives the purse a slight vintage look. I have lots of lace left over for future projects too!

This is a pair of dress pants I bought from Burlington Coat factory for $10. The waist band of the pants actually already had sashiko stitching on it!! I added the Koi fish with my machine to the leg... I thought this was going to be hard....but it really wasn't. Love that machine...

Now... I bought this Tinkerbell fabric and I have no ideal what the heck I'm going to do with it!
But its soooooo cute! I'm sure it will end up a handbag of some kind!

Ha! More camo fabric! The grey is going to be a pair or capri's and the blue is going to be a round drawstring tote like the one this spring in the Blumarine collection! I have the perfect pattern!

This week I made myself a shirt... yet to be worn and the Bald Man a shirt... also not been worn yet... we're saving our new stuff for Saturday night.. we're going to a show... more on that later!

Also this week I've also been working on altering clothes.... mostly taking up the waist, raising the neckline. I have 17 items of clothing that needs altering and/or updating. This is the boring stuff I was talking about....

I actually got half of it done today and feel like I have lots of new clothes now! haha!! The updating part is fun... its just the altering!

Thats all for now! I'll have pics of our new stuff I made next week.
Have a blessed weekend!!!!!!

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Friday, June 4, 2010

As my Wardrobe Grows....

I love clothes.... they are so much fun to make and even more fun to wear! This is a long post! Lots of 'me' pics... since the clothes are for me!
The first outfit is one I actually made in April and I'm just now showing!!! It took MUCH planning!!! I wanted an outfit that would really go from day to night! I spent at lest a week playing with a color palette, the fabric textures... then the details... and how to simply re-work the patterns so they would work for my outfit ideals.
First I made the reversible bolero made with S2659, leaving the collar off... I used some fabric that was a gift from my mothers best friend Gloria, a pinstripe navy... I designed this on the back of the casual side of the jacket and used my Sashiko Machine to sew out the design and top stitched with it all around. The dress is S6242. I had to made major adjustments to the top so it wouldn't be to low and I used the Sashiko machine to make criss cross designs all over the bodice.
I only used the front and back panels for the dress bottom and left out the elastic... no elastic waistbands! .. they look frumpy on me. The bottom fabric was some I bought at Goodwill.
Here is the jacket reversed for a "dressy" look. I used a real Chinese brocade (yep, straight from China) that was a gift to my mother...from my brothers inlaws.... who later gave it to me.
AND to make even dressier... the lower tear of the dress snaps off.. making it more of a cocktail length.

See why this took so much planning and time!!!

Below....Two weeks ago I did the cut out embroidery on the H&M $6 tank top neckline!!! I am quite proud of it!! It was the first time I ever did cut work embroidery!!
I think making this $6 bargain top look pretty good! and bit more than $6!

I paired it with a skirt and bolero I knocked off from Chanel.

The dress below was made last week.... its Burda 7970 I've made it before but just the top version. Fabric was from Gail K's. Easy to make... took an afternoon. I like the little cut out cleavage... sexy but not to much!

I guess you can tell I'm really happy with it too.... I'm also really happy with the navy studded platforms I got at DSW in ATL ... Original price $280... I paid $60!

And here is a top I made last week also, useing Kwik Sew 3016. I've made it before also. Super easy... less than an hour! I used some leftover fabric from my 'cutout' dress... just have enough for this little halter!! and ofcourse the nude lining!!!

My wardrobe is slowly being build back from the ruthless closet cleaning I did a few months ago... only this time its clothing that well thought out, in colors I know work on me, and styles I know I'll wear again and again!
Also, looking at these pics I really like my hair the color it is now... I should never be that dark again!!!!!
AND from the pics... looks like my fitness plan is working. whoo hoo!!
On fitness.....I have decided to not go on with weeks 5-8 of the Hers challenge... I decided my body needed a little more in the way of fat burning... since I really want my body fat % down... along with lean muscle growth....so.... I changed this 4 weeks to a 3 day total body circuit, also with 1 day core work, 1 day yoga and 4 days cardio. Gotta change it up or your body gets used to your workout and stops responding. Let me tell ya... my body is responding to this plan... hardcore.... I've been sore for 2 weeks... and I love it...
On the healthy diet front..... I have changed it up too.... below 130g. carbs (which was on the nutrition plan for the hers challenge ) does not work for me... I have to have around 150g. to keep feeling good.
And 180 gr. of protein was seriously making me gag and week 5-8 of the hers plan kicked it up to 200grams!!!! I've cut it back to 130 to 140grams a day...(which is what oxygen recommends... 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight) I'm handling this ok....
I just really don't care for meat....and can't afford to eat fish and seafood everyday! I'm hoping this cut back won't keep me from gaining some muscle.
I ate so much the first 4 weeks of the plan... that this 4 weeks I'm having to make myself eat....
This month I've lost another half inch on my waist, inch on my hips, 2 inchs on my chest and half inch on my thighs.
At first I was shocked I had so much fat around my chest area... but I'm honestly glad to lose the inches... my bras are fitting so much better and my neck has stopped hurting! and its not like I'm going to get small chested... haha!
This week I made a baby pink camo top and I'm working on the Bald Man a new shirt... which he says is long over due... considering what an awesome husband he is and all.... and he is! In Atl last weekend I did hit Gail K's pretty hard... and he never blinked an eye... in fact while I was getting what I had cut he was still looking for more fabric for me!
Love that man!
You all have a blessed weekend!
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