Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer garden, summer sewing, summer FUN!

Been way to busy to post lately! I barely even check my emails!!!! The garden was in full producing swing a couple of weeks ago and is now starting to play out... and its very sad..... cause I love days when I gather this much food from our little backyard homestead!
I'm especially proud of the cantaloupe!
On the sewing side of things I've been doing mostly embroidery stuff, remaking clothes from thrift stores and such.
But I did make this blue camo handbag/tote... and its my new favorite bag!
Its made from a vintage McCalls 7270...
The complete outside has pockets all around it....

and so does the inside!!! So many pockets! I can carry everything in here! Its actually a reversible bag but I used puppy fabric inside so I probably won't reverse it... maybe if I'm feeling silly.

I used large grommets and glamour rings to hardware it up!

I adore it.... and must make another one!

Like I said before I've been doing tons of embroidery and refashions! These were high waisted skinny jeans.... I cropped them, added a cute brocade to the bottom when I roll them up... took off the waist band, took them in about 2 in. and added this embroidery design from Asian Fusion by Anita Goodesign.

A little t shirt I got from a thrift store for a $1 and appliqued a heart onto... I made a matching bolero too.
btw.... my healthy fitness plan and whole foods diet have still been giving me great results!

If I showed you all , ALL the embroidery I've done lately you would be so bored with my blog by now,... so moving on!

The Bald Mans new shirt..... cause I love my Bald Man, I must take time to make him nice stuff too....

This fabric was to busy for much embroidery but I have to add alittle bit some where...
Makes the shirt so much more unique.... much like the Bald Man!!

For more fun..... Bald Man took me and my teenage niece Brittany to the 7 dust, 10 years, Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd and Chevelle concert....

Puddle of Mudd in this pic... they were good, but the lead singer really needed to clean up his mouth a bit.... no need to use the f word THAT much! Just sing and preform for us!!

Chevelle, this was the second time I've saw them... Love them! Love their music and they don't talk to much... they play!!! There can't possibly be 3 louder guys in the world though!!!

Here's a little video from the head lining act.. Shinedown.... singing 45, Love the song... these guys put on a good show.... BUT the lead singer talked to much


All in All.... we're having a great summer! Hope you are too!
God Bless!!!!!!

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