Friday, October 22, 2010

More preserving FUN, alittle sewing and crochet fun...

I just LOVE the way food looks all preserved in canning jars!!!! Here are a couple of my latest... Dill Pickles and Pickled Banana pretty... Since last post I have now started to take over the 3 big shelf in our pantry....
Few more pretties up close.... Canned Summer Squash (great for squash casseroles!) Pickled Hot Peppers (going to be a present for someone!!) and Anise Pears

And I've dried and vacuum bagged about a bushel of apple rings, lots of sweet potatoes and bell peppers!

Anyone know what this is???? Its a Cushaw squash!! This huge squash was only $5!! And they are sooooo good!! Many meals can come out of this on squash (it weights ALOT!)... soup, pies, just roasted is really good to!
I even canned some Cushaw butter! Anything you can do with sweet potatoes or winter squash you can do with a cushaw!

Yep.... Muscadine wine in the making.... also Elderberry wine, Concord wine and an Apple wine.
It takes so long though... which is why The Bald Man and I have been continuing our TN wine country tour!!!

In the middle of my new obsession I have been using my embroidery machine on thrift finds! Like this shirt below... I did the embroidery on the front shoulder....

And on the back using Anita Goodesigns... added alot to this plain shirt... I've done others.. just haven't photographed them.

Did this little door panel for the holiday... which I got at hobby lobby last year after Halloween for $2! It was fun to decorate... and sewed up super fast using fusible fleece for the batting.

And finally finished my crochet sampler!!!! I love it!!!

I am looking forward to more sewing after all the canning is over.... I've got alot of alterations to make too... that I'm not looking forward to!
I also finished another crochet afghan!! Thats going to be a present... yep... Its time to start all my Christmas sewing!
Have a great week!!! God Bless!!

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