Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Days & Hard Work!

Hope everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve! We had a very nice one... got all dressed up and went to the 5 course dinner event at Chez Liberty... SO GOOD! I even tried a little dish with 'sweetbreads' and had NO ideal what they were... but it was so good after I found out what they were I didn't even care! Now how many people out there know what they are??? Was I alone at not knowing??? Then we Had a bottle of bubbles... And then, I admit, came home at 11 and went to bed! I was asleep before 12!! and it makes me feel like an old fuddy duddy! haha!! But who cares! I was all dressed up in a dress that took me 3 weeks to make with a crochet bolero that took like a month!I love wearing this dress and rarely have an occasion for it.... besides I had to get up early the next morning...

And face things like this...... at our farm to be....
Now this is actually Sunday when my wonderful parents and niece Brittany stopped by to help..
but the day before it was just me and the Bald Man! We got the master bedroom stripped on Saturday... Sunday was dining room day.... Thank Goodness the rest of the rooms are painted!

As big of a disaster our new home looks on the inside right now... the outside makes up for it every time I look out the window.... 2 pictures from our back deck Sunday... it was a beautiful day! Someday soon I will be able to sit on this deck and watch my goats!!!

Everyday is a Blessing from God.... even a day spent stripping wallpaper!!! haha!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed 2011!


Faye Lewis said...

Beautiful scenery of your new home and beautiful dress. How did you go about removing the wall paper? Did you soak it first, or did you score it and then pull off. I need to remove the old in my bathroom and put up new.

A Sewn Wardrobe said...

You and your husband look so happy in that first picture. It's so sweet.

What a lovely dress and bolero. Awesome job! Happy new year - sounds like it will be a busy one for you.

Margarita♥ said...

Hallo Angelia, happy new year for you too and i find your blog super :o)

Many greets

Rose said...

You look beautiful in your New Year Eve's dress! I agree that the scenery of your new home also is beautiful. How exciting! Happy New Year!

Christa said...

Congrats on the new land! How exciting! Can't wait to watch the work in progress!!!

I love the design on the dress, so bold and fantastic!