Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January has flown by...

Alot going on as usual... and no, no sewing to be done with my sewing rooms still all packed up ready to move when everything is all done!
But I have been doing some crocheting... a little bedside rug here... of thick chenille yarn. More and more dish cloths... seriously, if I could stop I would....
and a hat made from suede yarn... the little brim makes it look 'sporty'!

And doing canning, when I have something that needs to be canned. Homemade chicken broth
is a hundred times more flavorful than store bought!

So is homemade mushroom broth!... and alittle Spiced blue berry jam made from some blueberries mom had in her freezer... I love having jars of mushrooms on hand for homemade pizzas!

I waited for months for organic oranges to go on sale... finally! $4 a bag! I wanted to make my own Grand Mariner for Bald man for awhile and since you have to use the zest of the orange they had to be organic, since it took so many they had to be on sale!!! With the left over oranges I made Vin D'orange a French dessert drink and cranberry orange sauce... perfect with duck!

For my birthday weekend... and because we had a timeshare we had to use or loose! we went to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Something fun me and The Bald Man like doing is going to the local wineries... The one below is in Gatlinburg... wonderful Med-Dry wines there!!!!

In Pigeon Forge they have a 'wine trail' thing going on! You go to all three wineries and get a free gift at the last one you visit. We had so much fun... Mountain Valley winery had some nice 'special' limited wines

The Apple Barn winery below had a great limited Cranberry Apple wine we bought...

Hillside Winery,,,, wow!!!! This winery makes Italian style wines and sparking wines (I LOVE bubbles!) All their sparkling wines were awesome!!! We bought some of each one!!! And they had a really nice Pinot!

At the end of our tour we got to cute wine glasses!

And we went to the Lodge iron cookware outlet where I got a huge Iron pizza pan! I love making homemade pizzas and try to have one every week or so.

You'll notice on half the pizza there are no olives... Bald man hates them... I love them!

I eat homemade, well and often!

Since I started my health and fitness kick last December I have never felt better and had more energy.... and I've maintained around 125 without alot of fuss.
Energy is important because I've practically painted the whole double wide myself!!!! Bald Man helped some... he stays busy to! He's not just hanging out or we'd have issues!
Our goat Barn!!!!!! The guy building is almost done... now to get that fencing. Fencing for goats is in some ways more important than the shelter... I mean they need shelter from wind and rain ofcourse...in my case they need a little better shelter because I'm going to put them up at night and not have a guardian animal.
Goats are escape artist... so good strong fencing is a must. I read in one of my goat books this quote: ' A goat spends 23 hours of its day planning its escape and the last hour of the day executing the plan'
Yeah... good strong fencing is a must!

This pic is alittle blurred from the window light... but its our new kitchen cabinets!!! We bought oak unfinished cabinets... we're really trying to spend as little as possible on the double wide so we have more money to put into building the farm... but we did decide spending alittle more money and re doing the kitchen was a must since I cook SO much... and can and will be also making cheeses, yogurts and other dairy products with our goat milk! Yes, a good kitchen is a must for us! For anyone who cooks alot!

The future sewing room is done! And yes, its pink! I have a thing for pink... even though I love working with animals and getting dirty in a garden I'm still such a girly girl!

Thats all for now! We're hoping to start the move in a couple of weeks and be all moved in by the end of the month... thats what we're "hoping" anyways!

Its gets harder and harder to leave the place when we go up to work on it....

Have a blessed week!


Christa said...

Wow! Lots of progress!!! Good for you. Canning is something I've always been interested in doing, one of these days I'm just gonna do it! I need to go back and read what you are doing health and fitness wise. I rejoined Weight Watchers and am basically eating small meals more frequently throughout the day, veggies and fruit and minimal processed crap...down 9lbs already, but could use some more motivation and ideas. I know you said you are not a fan of the gym, what kind of workouts do you do and how frequently? You look fantastic!

Best wishes with all that is going on!

Carol said...

Congratulations! Things are moving along at a rapid pace. Glad to hear you're maintaining the health kick. It really does make a difference. I hurt my hip and haven't been able to train as much and I really notice the difference. Can't wait to hear more about the move.

Becky said...

Busy, busy! And even though it's tough to wait, it'll be soooo worth it once you're actually in your new home.

Also, I think you should name one of your goats Houdini, after that story about the fencing! :D

Julia said...

You look great! You have been very busy. It's good to get an update.

marysews said...

I enjoy following both your blogs!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Hi - I'm a new reader. Discovered you because I purchased a Pfaff Creative 2134 sewing/embroidery machine in Germany about 4 years ago. Got it from a German store, and received no instructions on how to use it. I'm new to sewing (don't ask me why I got this machine since I'm new to all of this - long story). I know you didn't start this blog to give tutorials to people about sewing machines, but I'm totally lost with this machine. I got it to quilt (short story, not long story) and can't figure out what foot does what, what the stitch width/length is all about, how/when to use the IDT. So, long story short. I'm so incredibly impressed with your sewing skills. And so green with envy. I don't know how long I've been out here reading your old posts, and even know where some of the places are where you've visited in Atlanta, since that's where I live. But I do envy you because I've spent a lot of money on this Pfaff machine to not even be able to feel comfortable sewing a sraight stitch. I'm not even your mother (but I could be since I'm 57 years old), but girl, I am so proud of you.