Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Farming doesn't leave time for blogging

Meet Meg! One of my lovely Nubian dairy goats. Twice a day everyday, morning and evening I milk the girls! And its awesome!!! Better than I ever thought it would be.
Now that we are "mostly" settled I am enjoying the farm more and more everyday. There's so much to do! Which makes this life so perfect for me.
As for sewing... well... I have some fabric for curtains picked out! And I'm going to embroidery my bedroom curtains... other than that I don't have much planned... sewing will be become what I mostly do in the winter I think...
As for crocheting.. none of that right now... my weak little hands are building strength to milk the girls! Its no easy thing... but so worth it. Gracie is due anyday now... she is bred to my American Blue buck. She is an American Chinchilla. They are heritage breed rabbits that were bred for meat and their fur. They are now pretty rare since most people who bred for meat breed all white Zealands or Florida whites because they grow super fast. I don't mind waiting an extra month for better meat though.

Guineas, guineas!! I have 22 guinea keets! They are great tick and all bug eaters! They are great "watchers" and will loudly alert you of anyone or anything on your property that isn't supposed to be there. Plus they have tasty eggs if you can find them!
A chicken house is in the works and I have now 4 chicks, but I'm planning to buy layers when the coop is done... maybe 5 to start, then later do some cornish hens for meat. I plan to raise some kind of small game bird for meat to.. most likely quail.
I love eating small individual serving birds for some reason.. they always have super tender meat!
Plans also include ducks and turkeys in the future. And a peacock or 2.. for their beauty and just because I love that loud jungle like noise they make.. I don't plan to have many "non useful" animals on the farm..
I mean we are doing this because we love living like this, but we also want to be self sufficient.. I don't want to buy my veggies from a foreign country with low health standards or a large commercial farm that drown everything with cancer causing chemicals.. plus veggies at the grocery store taste like crap to me . ,.. I want my meat to and dairy to come from well treated, well feed, antibiotic free , happy animals!... but I must have a peacock!
On the more "useful" side... hogs are going to happen!
Also useful... our garden"s"!!!!!!!! My herb garden has started and my vegetable garden will soon follow! I'm even going to plant a garden for the goats!

Here's both the girls, Ginger and Meg! Thanks to them buying dairy is a thing of the past for me... we have fresh milk everyday,, sweet and rich! I make fresh yogurt every week! And I make the BEST tasting Feta and Fromage Blanc cheese ever with their milk!
When my third dairy darling gets here I will have enough milk to hopefully start making some Gouda! My fav! I have a cheese press just waiting... Plus I Love these girls! They are SO fun to have on a homestead! I can't imagine having more enjoyable livestock! Playful, loving! wonderful to be around!!

This is me walking my future Guardian Llama, Lila. Llamas bond with goats and sheep well... if attacked by predators or just chased by your irresponsible neighbors dogs Llamas will protect the herd by trampling the dog if it has to... So Llamas are very useful guards and really pretty
to have around. They also have very nice fur with is sheared once or twice a year and can be spun into yarn... lucky me, my mom is a spinner! With me being a crocheter... well, you know!
How awesome will it be to wear something from my own Llamas fur, that my mom spun and I crocheted! I can't wait. She will be sheared next month before it gets to hot for her.
Lila also likes to hike and will carry things for you! How cute!

I don't know how much I will blog here anymore... I will probably start blogging on mine and the Bald Mans homestead blog. Which seems much more fitting now that we are living our dream!
If we both blog on one blog maybe it won't be so long in between posts. The Bald Man is a busy
farm man these days himself... planting a fruit orchard, large blue berry patch and various things around the farm... cause theres ALWAYS something do to... its wonderful!!
Our farms name.... Gods Blessings Farm
And that it truly is.. I look around everyday and I'm amazed at this beautiful place we live.
Be Blessed!

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A Sewn Wardrobe said...

Your animals are so insanely sweet, especially the goats. I would love to have them in my backyard every day. I can see why you're so happy.

Becky said...

Glad to hear it's working out so well for you! Though you are definitely a braver woman than I am when it comes to raising your own meat....knowing me, I'd probably get attached to all of them!

I do hope you don't give up the blogging completely, but I can imagine it's a busy life.

Sheila said...

So glad to hear your are enjoying the farm life and admire you for it. Enjoy.